Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2016.2

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Table of Contents

Vol. 39, No. 2, Apr. 2016
第39卷 第2期 2016年4月

Second Language Acquisition
The Effects of Inference-Training and Text Repetition on Chinese Learners’ Incidental Vocabulary
Acquisition While Listening Rod ELLIS & Le CHANG
推理策略训练和文本重复对于中国大学生听力任务中附带词汇习得的作用研究Rod ELLIS 常乐

Language Teaching
Social and Political Dimensions of Communication in Grammar Instruction: What Teachers Should
Contemplate WU Shinian
语法教学在社会与政治交际中的作用:教师应该思考的问题 吴始年
Development of Morphological Awareness through English Songs: A Case Study
英文歌曲背景下的语素意识提高——个案研究 滕锋

Language and Cognition
The English Past Tense Debate in the Chinese EFL Learners’ Mind: A Masked Priming Study WEI
Dawei, XU Jinbo & WU Heping
过去时争论在中国外语学习者当中的实证检验:一项掩蔽启动研究 魏大为 徐晋波 武和平
Relative Clauses Preference in Learners of Chinese as a Second Language Qiang LI, Xiaoyu GUO,
Yiru YAO & Nicole MüLLER
汉语二语学习者关系从句加工优势的研究 李强 郭晓郁 姚怡如 Nicole MüLLER

Testing and Assessment
Chinese EFL Learners’ Perceptions of Their Experience with Portfolio-Based Writing Assessment: A
Case Study Li Qinghua
中国英语学习者对基于文件夹写作评估的认识——个案研究 李清华

Cross-Cultural Communications
A Contrastive Pragmatic Study of Politeness Strategies in Disagreement between Native Speakers of
English and Chinese EFL Learners CHU Yan
英语本族语者和中国英语学习者"不同意"礼貌策略的跨文化语用对比研究 褚艳
Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2016.2