Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2016.1

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Table of Contents

Vol. 39, No. 1, Jan. 2016
第39卷 第1期 2016年1月

Second Language Acquisition
The Effects of Recasts and Working Memory on the Development of Implicit and Explicit Knowledge
Jieun AHN & Youngkyu KIM
重铸和工作记忆对隐式和显式知识发展的影响 Jieun AHN Youngkyu KIM

Study on Chinese College EFL Learners’ Comprehension and Production of English Relative Clauses:
Testing Three Hypotheses SONG Tiehua
中国高校EFL学习者英语关系从句习得研究 宋铁花

English as a Lingua Franca
"Nativeness" and Intelligibility: Impacts of Intercultural Experience Through English as a Lingua
Franca on Chinese Speakers’ Language Attitudes Ying WANG & Jennifer JENKINS
王颖 Jennifer JENKINS

Language Teaching
English Vocabulary Acquisition Through Songs in Chinese Kindergarten Students Glenn M. DAVIS &
Wenfang FAN
中国幼儿学习者通过唱歌习得英语词汇研究 Glenn M. DAVIS 范文芳

Second Language Writing
Patterns of Peer Review in an EFL Writing Course in China DING Yu Huazhong University of
Science and Technology
中国EFL写作者的同伴评价特征研究 丁煜

Language and Cognition
Processing Relative Clauses in Chinese: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials SUN Xiaoxia, Roeland
HANCOCK, Thomas G. BEVER & CHENG Xiaoguang
汉语关系从句加工——来自神经电生理学证据 孙晓霞 Roeland HANCOCK Thomas G. BEVER 成晓光 L?der
Language-switch of A Parity Judgment Task in Multi-linguals Huili WANG, Ling MENG, Shuo CAO &
Qilin LU
多语者奇偶数判断任务的语码转换研究 王慧莉 孟凌 曹硕 鹿麒麟
Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2016.1