Chinese Ceramics - Culture China Series

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The introduction of pottery ware signified man's subjugation of water, fire and earth. It was only possible when a certain level of technology has been attained and there was the power to transform the natural material environment. The process from emergence to application of pottery marked important milestones in the course of the refinement of living for humankind; incessantly expanding man's capacity to create applications using technology and wisdom. Ultimately, artistic objects with both functionality and aesthetic value were created.

The book introduces the history and development of Chinese pottery and various types of famous Chinese pottery and the ways how they are made. It also introduces the utility of pottery as daily utensil and pottery as art. With many color photos.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Primitive Colored Pottery
Chapter 2 Black Earthenware
Chapter 3 White Pottery and Primitive Porcelain
Chapter 4 The Terracotta Warriors and Clay Sculptures of the Qin and Han
Chapter 5 Millennia Celadon
Chapter 6 The One-of-a-Kind Tri-Colored Pottery
Chapter 7 The Age of Porcelain and the Five Great Kilns
Chapter 8 Qinghua Porcelain with Chinese Ink and Wash
Chapter 9 Zisha - the Taste of Tea
Chapter lO Wucai Porcelain
Chapter 11 Fencai Porcelain
Chapter 12 Export Ware of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Chapter 13 The Trade of the Artisans
Chapter 14 Contemporary Chinese Ceramics
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Chinese Ceramics - Culture China Series