Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Level 3 750 Word Level: Friends (with 1 CD)

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My father for all his wealth, could do nothing about his sickness. I, for all my hard-partying habits, did want to do something big with my life – to take over my father’s massive company. But my father asked me to go to Beijing first. He wanted me to spend some time with Zhang Li, a fellow college student whose father was even richer than mine. He wanted me to learn from Zhang Li and perhaps become more like him.

In Beijing, I couldn’t find Zhang Li, and after a while I almost forgot what my father asked me to do. I couldn’t imagine that such unbelievable things had happened to me while I was in Beijing, and my life was completely changed. And in the end my father did pass his company to me.
Table of Contents
1. 我有大麻烦了 
I got into big trouble! 
2. 去北京,找张力 
Looking for Zhang Li in Beijing 
3. 红树林酒吧的小张力 
Little Zhang Li in the Mangrove Bar 
4. 头上被打出了一个包 
Got a bump on the head! 
5. “人”字是什么意思 
What does “human” mean? 
6. 小张力和爷爷的故事 
The story of Little Zhang Li and his grandpa 
7. 我成了酒吧服务员 
Becoming a bar waiter 
8. 朋友在这里 
My friend is here! 
生词索引 Vocabulary index 
练习 Exercises 
练习答案 Answer key to the exercises 
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Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Level 3 750 Word Level: Friends (with 1 CD)