China's High-Speed Rail Technology: An International Perspective

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Table of Contents
Part I Overview of High-Speed Rail Technology Around the World
Sustainability Development Strategy of China's High-Speed Rail
Key Problems in High-Speed Train Operation
Background of Recent Developments of Passenger Railways in China, the UK and Other Countries
Comparison of the Technologies of the Japanese Shinkansen and Chinese High-Speed Railways

Part Ⅱ Aerodynamics of High-Speed Rail
Unsteady Simulation for a High-Speed Train Entering a Tunnel
Aerodynamic Modeling and Stability Analysis of a High-Speed Train Under Strong Rain and Crosswind Conditions
Numerical Study on the Aerodynamic Performance and Safe Running of High-Speed Trains in Sandstorms
Influence of Aerodynamic Braking on the Pressure Wave of a Crossing High-Speed Train
A Numerical Approach to the Interaction Between Airflow and a High-Speed Train Subjected to Crosswinds
Multi-objective Optimization Design Method of the High-Speed Train Head
Study on the Safety of Operating High-Speed Railway Vehicles Subjected to Crosswinds

Part Ⅲ High-Speed Rail Infrastructure and Material Innovations
A 2.5D Finite Element Approach for Predicting Ground Vibrations Generated by Vertical Track Irregularities
Smart Elasto-Magneto-Electric (EME) Sensors for Stress Monitoring of Steel Structures in Railway Infrastructures
Recent Research on the Track-Subgrade of High-Speed Railways
Microstructure and Properties of Cold Drawing Cu-2.5% Fe-0.2% Cr and Cu-6% Fe Alloys Microstructure and Hardness of Cu-12% Fe Composite at Different Drawing Strains

Part IV High-Speed Rail Wheel.Raft Dynamics
Modeling of High-Speed Wheel-Rail Rolling Contact on a Corrugated Rail and Corrugation Development
A 3D Model for Coupling Dynamic Analysis of High-Speed Train- Track System
Effect of the First Two Wheelset Bending Modes on Wheel-Rail Contact Behaviour
Influence of Wheel Polygonal Wear on Interior Noise of High-Speed Trains
Investigation into External Noise of a High-Speed Train at Different Speeds
Effect of Softening of Cement Asphalt Mortar on Vehicle Operation Safety and Track Dynamics

Part V Advances in Traction Power Supply and Transportation
Organization Technologies
A Two-Layer Optimization Model for High-Speed Railway Line Planning
Dynamic Performance of a Pantograph-Catenary System with the Consideration of the Appearance Characteristics of Contact Surfaces
Design and Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety Analysis of a High Availability Quadruple Vital Computer System
Design and Analysis of the Hybrid Excitation Rail Eddy Brake System of High-Speed Trains
Simulation Software for CRH2 and CRH3 Traction Driver Systems Based on Simulink and VC
Electromagnetic Environment Around a High-Speed Railway Using Analytical Technique
Optimal Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy Under Periodic Inspections for Traction Motor Insulations
A Combined Simulation of High-Speed Train Permanent Magnet Traction System Using Dynamic Reluctance Mesh Model and Simulink
3D Thermal Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Motor with Cooling Fans
China's High-Speed Rail Technology: An International Perspective