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China Intercontinental Press (CIP) was established in 1993, and now is one of China's leading international publishing companies, producing over 200 new titles per year, most of which are in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and so on. 
​It publishes trade and academic titles in subject areas such as China's arts, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, travel literatures and children books. CIP's mission is to present China, especially the information of Chinese culture, to the world and share the traditional and modern China's essence with both domestic and foreign readers.
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Poèmes Et Peintures Des Ming Et Des Qing
ISBN: 9787508542720 | Published on 09/2019

Heroes of China's New Era: Kubuqi Regreened
ISBN: 9787508546063 | Published on 01/2022 | Series: Heroes of China's New Era
This is a story about the regreening of the Kubuqi Desert, reflecting local people’s heroic pursuit of harmonious coexistence between man and...

China and Global Governance Series: China and Global Governance
ISBN: 9787508541389 | Published on 03/2019 | Series: China and Global Governance Series | Reviews:
About Author (何亚非)He Yafei is the former vice minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State...

Contemporary China Series: Contemporary China’s Diplomacy
ISBN: 9787508542461 | Published on 01/2021 | Series: Contemporary China Series
Contemporary China's Diplomacy tries to offer a brief introduction of the process of China's interaction with the outside world and its...

Happy Chinese New Year:The Irised Kingdom
ISBN: 9787508542829 | Published on 10/2019
The crackiling sound of fireworks, the delicious smell of the family reunion dinner, the hustle and bustle of temple fairs all embody the Chinese New...

Aux Champs De Bataille Pour La Civilisation
ISBN: 9787508536071 | Published on 01/2018

Heroes of China's New Era: New Tales from the Peach Blossom Spring
ISBN: 9787508546056 | Published on 01/2022
This book details the major obstacles and achievements of implementing poverty alleviation. It gives a vivid account of the beautiful landscape,...

Taiji Yangsheng Chinese (with DVD)
ISBN: 9787508536880 | Published on 01/2018
The structure and presentation of this book is simple, to be aimed to provide readers a happy learning experience. Each lesson opens with an...

Contemporary China’s Politics
ISBN: 9787508542478 | Published on 05/2020 | Series: Contemporary China Series
A country of 1.4 billion people cannot operate without a complete political system. Contemporary China's Politics provides an opportunity to...

Sacrifice, Toil and Tears: China and the World in the Fight against Pandemic - A compilation of China Daily's commentaries on the novel coronavirus outbreak and its impacts
ISBN: 9787508544427 | Published on 05/2020
We hope the book provide some food for thought, offer solutions to problems faced by the Chinese and global economies, and help promote global...