24 Solar Terms Fairy Tale

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When the Beginning of Spring arrives, Little Prince starts his trip of 24 Solar Terms. He experiences many magical climate changes and meets lots of lovely and friendly animals in the nature. Together, they discover the charm of 24 Solar Terms which cover the four seasons of the year ...
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立春 Beginning of Spring
The forest is very cold
The frogs are still in hibernation
I wish someone could travel with me
So I start to play the music
A little tree wakes up by moving her body
The birds fly towards me by following my melody…
雨水 Rain Water
清晨 滴 滴 嗒 嗒
In the early morning, “drip drip drip”
The transparent raindrops fall down from the sky
我想要抓住它们 可它们太调皮
They are so naughty that I can’t grasp them
跳来跳去 叫醒了大家
They jump around and awaken everyone
于是 蜗牛弟弟把头伸出了家门
Brother Snail shows the head out of his shell-house
蘑菇妹妹撑起了伞 ......
Sister Mushroom holds up her umbrella ...
24 Solar Terms Fairy Tale