Beijing's Pastimes of Yesteryear - The Charm of Beijing

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Author: Liu Shiyu; Zou Jinhua;
Language: English
Format: 1 book
Page: 110
Publication Date: 12/2006
ISBN: 7802200652, 9787802200654
Publisher: China Pictorial Publishing House
Series: The Charm of Beijing

Apart from the obvious example of Beijing Opera, the Chinese capital is home to a multitude of traditional toys, games, handicrafts and pastimes which, even today, bear witness to its cultural vibrancy. Amongst these are: snuffbox collecting, kongzhu (Chinese Yoyo), yanghua (slapping the card), layangpian (peephole theatre), the mud man, the mud whistle, the china doll, hand puppet shows, the cloth tiger. . ., all these toys, games and pastimes were closely interwoven into the daily lives of old-time Beijingers, epitomizing the city's culture, and even now bring back memories of those times.



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Beijing's Pastimes of Yesteryear - The Charm of Beijing