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Thorough Analyses of New HSK Level 3 (with English Annotations)
ISBN: 9787561939949 | Published on 12/2014 | Series: Thorough Analyses of New HSK
Level:  Elementary ; Middle School,Adults Thorough Analyses of New HSK, a series oftextbooks written for New HSK examinees, consisting of five books,...

Access to the Mastery of HSK Vocabulary - Elementary and Intermediate Leve
ISBN: 9787561911143
This book is mostly helpful to those preparing for the Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK) at elementary and intermediate levels. It can also be used by...
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HSK Chinese Characters 2000
ISBN: 7561912811 | Published on 06/2004
Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Chinese Teachers (TCSL)
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A Preparatory Intensive Course of HSK - Grammar
ISBN: 7561912706 | Published on 12/2003 | Series: A Preparatory Intensive Course of HSK
Level: Intermediate, Advanced  
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HSK (Chinese Standard Level Examination) Textpaper
ISBN: 9787561907966 | Published on 03/2000
This book is intended for HSK examinees to become familiar with the HSK exam and to help them to earn a high score. This book consists of five...
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Simulated Tests of HSK(Revised): HSK[Intermediate] with 1CD
ISBN: 9787561920596 | Published on 04/2008
HSK[Intermediate] of Simulated Tests of HSK Revised includes six sets of main test paper, oral test paper, writing test paper, and additional...
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Intensive Training for HSK (Elementary-Intermediate): Cloze
ISBN: 9787561917558 / 7561917558 | Published on 01/2007 | Series: Intensive Training for HSK
Level: Intermediate About the Author Li Luxing is an associate professor in the School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Renmin University...

Test Yourself on HSK Listening Comprehension (Advanced) vol.1
ISBN: 7561909284 | Published on 06/2001 | Series: Test Yourself on HSK Listening Comprehension
Level: Advanced  
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Examples and Explanations on the Common Function Words of HSK
ISBN: 9787561923313 | Published on 06/2009
Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Chinese Teachers (TCSL) The purpose of this book is to help test-takers of HSK. It includes two parts. The examples...
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Intensive Training for HSK (Elementary and intermediate) Simulated Tests for Self-test
ISBN: 7561916426 | Published on 06/2006 | Series: Intensive Training for HSK
This series includes five volumes: Simulated tests, Listening comprehension, Grammatical structures, Reading comprehension and Comprehensive...

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