Quest (second edition): Reading and Writing Teacher's Book 1

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Table of Contents
Welcome to the Teacher’s Edition 
Scope and Sequence of the Student Book 
Chapter 1: Identity and Learning 
Chapter 2: Language Learning 
Chapter 3: Deading on a Career 
Chapter 4: Marketing Across Time and Space 
Chapter 5: Parenting, Gender, and Stereotypes 
Chapter Worksheets 
Chapter Tests 
Chapter Test Answer Keys
Sample Pages Preview
Academic Notes: 
You may want to point out that academic readings often have key terms.Explain that a key term is important to understanding the material.Point out that just because a word is unfamiliar doesn't mean it is important, Key terms are those we must understand in order to identify main ideas. 
Have students preview the reading and identify one key term.(Flow is probably the easiest one to find.Students will have a chance to identify other key terms in the Expansion Activity Key Terms on page 48 of the Teacher's Edition.
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Quest (second edition): Reading and Writing Teacher's Book 1