BCT Standard Course 1

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This is BCT Standard Course Volume 1. BCT Standard Course is the combination of a general language course for Chinese students who combines the learning content with those of the BCT (Business Chinese Test). The lessons are filled with learning contents in a modern design, each unit is limited to less than 5 minutes. The appendix contains a sample test. Learners who have completed the BCT Standard Course 1-3 courses have learned the contents of the BCT (A) and the volumes 4-5 cover BCT (B).

BCT Standard Course used vocabulary
Volume 1: 200 words
Volume 2: 400 words
Volume 3: 600 words
Volume 4: 1500 words
Volume 5: 3000 words

Test of iChinese App
The book does not contain a CD, but learners can download the iChinese app as a supplement in the Playstore. There, vocabulary lessons can be learned and tests can be made. The learning progress is tracked, altogether a good addition to the book. However, it should be pointed out here that the QR code shown on the back of the book is linked to the Chinese-language Playstores. You can also search for the iChinese app in your Playstore and this should then also be found. In our test, the installation only worked after the app was installed manually in the Playstore. The language of the app is adjustable in English and Chinese. For the registration, you receive points with which you can open learning contents. Normally, the 1000 points obtained at the time of enrollment would then suffice to enable the BCT Standard Course 1-3 to be available for all learning contents at the time of the test. It should also be pointed out that we did not find any downloadable MP3 files or app contents with our test with which one could have played the listening comprehension exercises of the BCT standard course sample test contained in the book appendix. The book itself contains only the listening scripts so that a teacher could read them aloud. Therefore the series is in our opinion for self-learners only somewhat suitable. Please note that we do not offer support for the app.

Business Chinese Test (BCT) is an international standardized test to measure the ability of non-native Chinese speakers to use Chinese language in the real business or common working environment and evaluate the language tasks they are able to complete. BCT consists of BCT (A), BCT (B) and BCT Speaking Test.
Table of Contents
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of BCT Standard Course 1 (ISBN:9787107296857)
Sample pages of BCT Standard Course 1 (ISBN:9787107296857)
Sample pages of BCT Standard Course 1 (ISBN:9787107296857)
Sample pages of BCT Standard Course 1 (ISBN:9787107296857)
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by Tomas G. on 2018-10-06 05:59:56
No CD audio. They send you to a hell app impossible to use.
by Irina N. on 2017-11-12 04:16:10
The book has no audio!, I was really shocked because of it. You can find a QQ code on the background to download an app to your phone, but there is also no audio! You can not add to digitalal library any courses. The app is not useful at all.
by call on 2017-04-21 00:49:55
No CD audio and can't download easily. I need CD Audio, not download audio. Very veru bad
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BCT Standard Course 1