Books written by "Xu Lin"

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ISBN: 9787562829805 | Publisher: East China University of Science and Technology Press | Published on 02/2011
张觉和李琳主编的《现代汉语实用教程》内容兼具权威性(依据国家标准与学术界的共识)、学术性(论述有关学术问题)、资料性(收罗各种有用的语言材料)与 实用性(阐明各种规范以供遵循,辨析各种错误以供借鉴),既讲清楚基础的理论知识与常用术语,又阐明现代汉语及其书写符号的使用规范与常见错误,以便有效...

天津话逗你玩(增订本) Tianjin Dialect
ISBN: 7201090194, 9787201090191 | Publisher: Tianjin People's Publishing House | Published on 01/2015
天津话为嘛真眼哏儿,天津话为嘛常遭恶搞,天津话为嘛像说相声,天津文化人为嘛不说天津话,你会在倍儿逗的天津话中体会个中滋味。 林希编著的《天津话逗你玩(增订本)》详细介绍了常用的一些天津俗语,并在每个俗语的下面都注上汉语拼音,读音是以老天津人口头上最常用的发音为准。 Editor's...

World Heritage Sites in Fujian: Taining Danxia
ISBN: 9787211083121 | Publisher: Fujian People's Publishing House | Published on 05/2020

Women in China Since 1995:A Reader of Collection of Women's Studies
ISBN: 9787506852296 | Publisher: China Book Press | Published on 12/2015

Wisdom of Lao Zi (2 Vols)
ISBN: 9787533754372,7533754379 | Publisher: Anhui Science and Technology Publishing House | Published on 08/2012
This book attempts to introduce the thought of Taoism and even the whole ancient philosophical thoughts to western countries. It gives comprehensive...

Wisdom in Stories: Graded Chinese Readers: 300 Vocabulary Words: Three Mighty Warriors
ISBN: 9787513816120 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 10/2018
Wisdom in Stories: Graded Chinese Readers is a book series that features nuggets of Chinese wisdom. The series is designed for middle and senior...

White Paper of China Dairy: China Dairy Industry
ISBN: 9787109256934 | Publisher: China Agricultural Press | Published on 07/2019

Volume 3: Politics: Towards More Mature and Established Systems
ISBN: 9787300246468 | Publisher: China Renmin University Press | Published on 09/2017
The most important characteristic of President Xi Jinping's series of important speeches lies in that, it puts forward the governance theory of...

Voices From the Ground: Real Life Stories of Changing China
ISBN: 9787508520872 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 05/2011
This book contains just some of the many topics covered by our dedicated team of Chinese and foreign journalists and photographers, from social...

Travel with Lolo to China: Lolo's Moon Festival
ISBN: 9787546138503 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 10/2013