Voices From the Ground: Real Life Stories of Changing China

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This book contains just some of the many topics covered by our dedicated team of Chinese and foreign journalists and photographers, from social changes affecting millions of people to innovative business trends involving billions of dollars. They have traveled across China and the world to listen to the voices of those on the ground, to record their tales of sorrow, their tales of hope and their tales of survival in the face of disaster.
Table of Contents
Bodyguards a safe investment for rich
Poor patients dicing with their lives
They survived SARS, but live in agony
Copy-making vs profit-making
Magazines turning new page in battle for readers
Human flesh search could turn predatory
Donors kept in the dark on where money goes
Nuclear reaction to tourist attraction
Misconceptions about contraception
AIDS and the elderly
Gay rights in China: Road to respect
Migrants cash in on labor shortage
'Ants' feel the bite of being forced out
Radical treatment for healthcare
Trade in trigger-happy towns
'Work widows' suffer in silence
From land to luxury
Green NGO drives change at grass roots
'Strangers' return to a frosty village welcome
Getting past the class divide
Taking, the flicks into the sticks
Travelers make final stretch for reunions
Unlike parents, young migrants won't take their fate lying down
Fight against AIDS has a long way to go
Democracy takes root in rural areas
Home alone in the countryside
'I will never give up my search'
Foreign faces there for rent
When love no longer reigns for 'kings & queens'
Springing the Net to reconnect
Couples become easy prey in tube baby boom
Heartache of childless couples
Short-term gain vs long-term strain
Bidding fashionable farewell to the dead
Too good to waste as rubbish is chic
Bid to make the way to heaven smooth
Eking out a living is becoming burden
Underpaid, overworked and ignored
Ancient cures for modern ills
Prejudice forcing men offwards
Voices From the Ground: Real Life Stories of Changing China