Women in China Since 1995:A Reader of Collection of Women's Studies

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Table of Contents
The Third National Survey on Chinese Women's Status: Key Data Report Research Team o f the Third National Survey on Chinese Women's Status 
Growth of Senior Women Personnel in Science and Strategy for Their Development: Report of Qualitative Researcb in Five Provinces Project Team o f the Research on the Growth o( Senior Women Personnel and 
Women's Role and Status in Scientific Experiments from a Gender Perspective 
Son Preference and Imbalanced Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) : A Theoretical Framework Based on a Perspective of Demand 
Son Preference and Patriarchal Systems: Gender Analysis of the Imbalance in Sex Ratio at Birth in China 
The Gendered Agenda of University Organizational Culture—A Case Study of a Research—Based University 
Agriculture—Tourism Change in Fields and Practice of Gender—Based Division of Labor among Ethnic Minorities 
Developing Legislation to Prevent Domestic Violence and Promote Social Harmony: A Forum 
Rethinking the Crime of Whoring with an Underage Girl: From a Perspective of International Covenants 
Focusing on Quotas, Transcending Numbers: A Comparison of Quota Systems for Women's Political Participation in China and India 
"Participatory Gender Budget": Wenling's Quest 
"Returning Home" Willingly or "Being Sent Home" Unwillingly? Debates on "Women—Returning—Home" in Marketization and Transformation of Ideologies in China 
Why do Women and Men Agree or Oppose Equal Retirement Age? —An Empirical Study of the Factors Influencing the Choice of Retirement Age 
Understanding the Complexity of Family Patriarchy in a Traditional Chinese Society —A Marital Life—Course Perspective 
Dynamics of Satisfaction of Gender Relations in Migrant Families: A Case Study in Bejjing 
Sexuality, Gender and Women Empowerment: A Study of Leaders of Women's Embroidery Groups after the Earthquakes in Sichuan 
Gender Specificity, Body Practice and Risky Health Behavior 
A Summary of 2010 CWRS Annual Conference as the Forum of "Beijing+15" 
Localization of Research on Women's Health in China over the Past Twenty Years 
Progress of Women's/Gender Studies in China Based on the Collection of Women's Studies: Analysis of the Changes in the Columns, Themes and Contents of the Journal over the Past 20 Years
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The number and percentage of women in the field of science and technology,particularly those at senior levels, are crucial indicators of the overall status of Chinese women.In order to (1) understand the development of women at senior levels in science and technology, (2) examine the policies that promote the development of women in this field and (3) foster an optimal enabling environment, the All—China Women's Federation (ACWF) initiated the project on the "Growth of Senior Women Personnel and Related Policy Recommendations" and conductedresearches on women in science and technology in five provinces (including Beijing) at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. 
The Project held 15 symposiums in the five locations: Beijing, Jilin, Henan,Shaanxi and Anhui.Participants included over 200 women personnel at senior levels, experts, research administrators, leadership from provincial governments and related departments.These were the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing Aeronautics University, University of Science and Technology of China, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou Uruversity, China Electronics Engineering Design Institute, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, Jilin Research Institute of Urban Planning and Design, Shaanxi Research Design Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, and First Automobile Works.During the symposiums, the project conducted interviews focusing on issues including achievements of women in science and technology, their development, major obstacles they still face, their demands of and recommendations for government policies.
Women in China Since 1995:A Reader of Collection of Women's Studies