Books written by "Li Yan"

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Best Chinese Children's Literature Series - Homework to Be Done Today
ISBN: 9787511041173 | Publisher: The People's Posts and Telecommunications Press | Published on 12/2017

Big Breasts & Wide Hips (Chinese Version)
ISBN: 9787532142750 | Publisher: Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Group | Published on 06/2012

Bingo Chinese
ISBN: 9787510069055 | Publisher: World Publishing Corporation | Published on 10/2013

Calculus II
ISBN: 9787560358963 | Publisher: Harbin Institute of Technology Press | Published on 03/2016

Charming Xinjiang: The Tastes of Xinjiang
ISBN: 9787508528458 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 08/2014
In vivid language, this book depicts the tastes of Xinjiang that are pervading the big streets and small alleys of Xinjiang and are deep into...

China and Global Governance Series: China and Global Governance
ISBN: 9787508541389 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 03/2019
About Author (何亚非)He Yafei is the former vice minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State...

China's Governance: Road of Rejuvenation of the Eastern Power
ISBN: 9787300246253 | Publisher: China Renmin University Press | Published on 10/2017
This is the English edition, which reviews the governance issues or problems of China in development over the 40 years since the Reform and...

China's Marine Conservation and Development
ISBN: 9787508529486 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 12/2014

Chinas Rot
ISBN: 9787119045337 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 09/2008
Rot als Farbe des Lebens, der Liebe, des Glücks, als Schutz gegen bose Geister, als Zeichen der Tapferkeit und Starke und als Ausdruck der...

Chinese Cloth Arts
ISBN: 9787508512082 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 12/2007
The cloth art of China refers to cloth handicrafts made by Chinese people using traditional cloth and threads as raw materials. These are tailored,...