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Interpretation and Implementation of Cybersecurity Classified Protection System in China
ISBN: 9787115558671 | Published on 03/2021
About Author Mr. Guo Qiquan,chief engineer and vice director at the Cybersecurity Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, P. R. China....

Best Chinese Children's Literature Series - Homework to Be Done Today
ISBN: 9787511041173 | Published on 12/2017 | Series: Best Chinese Children's Literature

Mobile Microservices: Building Flexible Pervasiv
ISBN: 9787115584021 | Published on 04/2022
This book focuses on the application level aspects of microservices, and addresses the combination of microservices in pervasive computing...

Electromagnetic Compatibility: Principles, Modeling and Design
ISBN: 9787115575593 | Published on 04/2022
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) utilizes dedicated theory and technologies to predict, assess and prevent potential electromagnetic interference...