China's Governance: Road of Rejuvenation of the Eastern Power

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This is the English edition, which reviews the governance issues or problems of China in development over the 40 years since the Reform and Opening-up, and mainly introduces how the Chinese government balances fairness and development since the 18th National Congress. The book interprets the governance of Chinese government, provides answers to how China deals with a series of problems and contradictions in the current economic and social development, and shows China's main achievements in national governance over the years.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Road of Rejuvenation: Historical Path of China's Governance
Ⅰ.The Formation of Chinese Nation: Jump out of European Experience
Ⅱ.Governance System and Capacity of the Chinese Empire
Ⅲ.Chinese Dream of Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation
Chapter 2 Enforcing Strict Party Discipline: to Build the Core Strength of China's Governance
Ⅰ.Historical Positioning of the CPC in the Changing World
Ⅱ.The CPC and National Governance
Ⅲ.Enforcing Strict Party Discipline: Buiding a Leading Force of National Governance
Chapter 3 Law—based Governance: China's Rule of Law towards Modern Governance
Ⅰ.China's One Hundred Years of Explorating the Rule of Law
Ⅱ.The Ideas of the Constitution with Chinese Characteristics
Ⅲ.The Constant Improvement of the China's Judical System
Ⅳ.To Strictly Govern the Party before Govern the Country
Ⅴ.Prospects of the China's Rule of Law in terms of Politics and Law Tradition
Chapter 4 Democratic Governance: Good Governance Is the Aim that Chinese Democracy Pursues
Ⅰ.Excavating the Theoretical Resources of Chinese—style Democracy from the Origin of Democratic Thoughts
Ⅱ.Expanding the Space of Chinese—style Democracy in the View of Democratic Process
Ⅲ.Enriching the Democratic Connotation with the Reform Experience
Chapter 5 Government and Market: Dual Drive of Economic Governance
Ⅰ.China's Economic Miracle since the Reform and Opening up
Ⅱ.Economic New Normal and Supply—side Reform after the Economic Miracle
Ⅲ."Three Move.s"of the CPC under the Economic New Normal
Ⅳ.The Chinese Model of"Developmental Countries"
Ⅴ.The Strategies and Tactics in China's Econorruc Development
Chapter 6 Government and Society: the Multiple Dimensions of Social Governance
Ⅰ.Changes of the Chinese Society
Ⅱ.From"Stability Maintenance"to Social Governance
Ⅲ.China's Current Social Governance
Ⅳ.The Relationship between State and Society: Strong Government and Strong Society
Sample Pages Preview
At present,China is exploring the reform from the two aspects of decentralization and administrative examination and approval reform to further activate the power of social organizations.On the one hand,it reforms the existing registration and licensing system to gradually reduce the approval procedures and lower the access threshold of social organizations,so as to create a relaxed environment for the growth of social organizations.On the other hand,by eliminating the administration privileges of the business administrative departments,it further separates social organizations from the government in the aspects such as people,capital,materials and others.The new public management movement of Western countries once put forward the slogan of"reinventing government"and emphasized that the government should gradually"delegate powers"in the process of reform to transfer public affairs,which the government could not do well and the market was unwilling to do,to social organizations,so as to provide wide space of development for the social organizations.Today,the Chinese government is also delegating social services,medical services,education,disabled and weak people assistance,environmental protection,civic education and other routine and service works to social organizations in the methods of purchasing services and concluding administrative contracts,and actively concluding partnership with social organizations in the increasingly wider areas,It is predictable that the social organizations will play an increasingly more important role in China's national governance and the people's life.
China's Governance: Road of Rejuvenation of the Eastern Power