Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2004 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)

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The Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2004 is an annual statistics publication, which covers mainly statistics in 2003 at provincial level and local levels of city and county, reflecting statistics during the period of "Ninth five-year-plan" at provincial level, therefore, shows various aspects of the new achievements that the people in Anhui made in economic construction and social development in the period of the "Tenth five-year-plan".

To suit the needs of reform and opening to the outside world, all of this yearbook is compiled in Chinese-English bilingual way and magnetic CD-ROM is published to form a complete set. In coordination with the strategic demands of the economic development in Anhui province, to reflect the splendid results in the respect of practicing the important thought of "three representatives", we newly added the contents of "Wanjiang River Economic Zone" , "Wu Ma Tong Economic Zone" and comparison of main economic indicators among the provinces along the Jingjiu Railway or in Huaihai Economic Zone by city. Closely following the paces of statistical system reform, a series of content is added, including fluid population and floating direction, cause of unemployment, software development, observation and survey of women and children, undertaking of disabled persons, production price indices of agricultural products, construction of municipal infrastructure project, social environmental protection, highway traffic volume, Engle coefficient of urban and rural residents and so on. Moreover, colorful photos are carried to show the fine style of various of departments and enterprises in the new century.

Data in this yearbook are mainly obtained from regular statistical reports on national economy in the province and part of sample surveys.
Table of Contents
Statistical Communique on National Economy and Social Development of Anhui Province in 2003 Published by Statistics Bureau of Anhui 1

Part 1 Division of Administrative Areas and Natural Resources 17
Part 2 General Survey 27
Part 3 National Accounts 73
Part 4 Population 97
Part 5 Employment and Wages 113
Part 6 Investment in Fixed Assets 143
Part 7 Production and Consumption 187
Part 8 Finance, Banking and Insurance 199
Part 9 Price Indices 229
Part 10 People's Livelihood 245
Part 11 General Survey of Cities 287
Part 12 Agriculture 305
Part 13 Industry 351
Part 14 Construction 413
Part 15 Transportation, Postal and Telecommunication Services 433
Part 16 Wholesale, Retail Sale and Catering Trade 457
Part 17 Foreign Trade and Tourism 487
Part 18 Education, Science and Culture 517
Part 19 Sports, Public Health, Social Welfare and Others 555
Part 20 Key Enterprise, Group and Business Survey 605
Part 21 Main Economic Indicators and Their Orders of Precedence of Provinces and County 625

Appendix 1

1. Observation and survey of poverty in rural areas 643
2. Observation and survey of poverty in rural areas by region 643
3. Observation and survey of poor county 644
4. Observation and survey of counties in mountain area and reservoir area 646

Appendix 2 Monitor and census on rural poor population by county or city 648
Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2004 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)