Ancient Chinese Poetry for Primary School Students (Poetry Card)

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  • Language: Chinese, Pinyin
  • Format: with audio
  • Publication Date: 01/2021
  • ISBN: 9787513819985
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Chinese classical poetry is the essence of Chinese language. With the unique rhythm and sense of artistic conception, it has become an indispensable classic of Chinese traditional culture. Because of its unique language beauty, ancient poetry could be the best language enlightenment textbooks for Chinese learners to read from an early age. Therefore, this set of learning cards with beautiful illustrations can not only wake up your memory of ancient poems through pictures, but also help you experience the beauty of the artistic conception of ancient poems while appreciating the beauty of pictures. This book is closely compiled according to the Ministry of Education's standard of primary school Chinese textbook and contains 118 ancient poems that need to be recited in primary school. One side of each card is the content of ancient poetry, marked with Pinyin, author and other information, and the other side is the classic paintings drawn by ancient Chinese painters or the specially created paintings by famous domestic painters. With the high artistic level of painting and combined with the artistic conception of poetry, it is worthy of reading more than once.

Each poem is accompanied by a two-dimensional code which can be scanned to appreciate the beauty of the rhythm of the poem read by professional announcers.

1. The content is comprehensive, covering all ancient poems in Chinese primary school textbooks;
2. Combined with the exquisite illustration by famous artists, it is easy for the readers to feel the artistic image of each poetry.
3. A two-dimensional code can be scanned to listen to the poem read by the famous and professional announcers of TV stations. The voice is beautiful and clear with rich emotion and rhythm.
● matching primary school language teaching materials;
● easy to carry with moderate format;
● beautiful layout with color painting;
● providing multi-sensory learning experience with the combination of poetry, painting, and voice, which can display the beauty of the word, picture and rhythm.
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Ancient Chinese Poetry for Primary School Students (Poetry Card)