An English-Chinese Civil Engineering Dictionary (2 vols)

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Author: Luo Xinhua;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 3689
Publication Date: 02/2014
ISBN: 9787114111341
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allowed pumping drawdown depth允许抽焖洚深 
allowed pumping tie允许抽水时间 
allowed space for expansion容许胀隙 
allowed spectrum容许光谱 
allowed spectrum shape容许能谱形状 
allowed successor容许后继者 
allowed time容许时间;完成工作的规定时间;预定完工标准时间;放宽时间 
allowed transition容许转变;容许跃迁 
allowed value容许值 
allow for an eccentric set消除测站偏心 
allow for grinding磨加工裕量 
allow for wind风压差修正量 
allowing for extension扩充余地 
allow temporary credit通融资金 
allow to approach the humping signal允许预推信号 
alloy amalgam合金汞齐 
alloy analysis合金分析 
alloy bar合金棒 
alloy casting合金铸造;合金铸件 
alloy cast—iron合金铸件;铸铁合金 
alloy cast steel合金铸钢 
alloy cladding包合金 
alloy constructional steel合金结构钢 
alloy content合金含量 
alloy design合金设计 
alloy—diffused photo transistor合金扩散型光电晶体管 
alloy diffusion technology合金扩散工艺 
alloy diode合金二极管 
alloyd oil掺和油 
alloy drill steel合金钢钎杆 
alloy ductile iron roll合金球铁轧辊 
alloyed grain roll合金纹理轧辊 
alloyed metal合金化的金属 
alloyed nickel steel镍合金钢 
alloyed pig iron合金生铁 
alloyed steel合金钢 
alloyed steel bit合金钢车刀 
alloyed steel roll合金钢轧辊 
alloyed steel strip合金钢带 
alloyed tool steel合金工具钢 
alloyed zinc锌合金 
alloy electrode合金焊条;合金钢电焊条 
alloy fiber合金型熔合纤维。
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