Amazing Tales Second Series

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Author: Ling Mengchu; Ma Wenqian;
Language: English
Page: 430
Publication Date: 01/2005
ISBN: 9787119033525
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Series: Amazing Tales
A Perennial Bestseller on Townsfolk Life As Amazing Tales-First Series by Ling Mengchu (l580-l644) made a hit, the publisher urged him to write a sequel to it. This gave rise to Amazing Tales-Second Series, which has become another bestseller for the last few centuries. Our English version of the Second Series features 19 stories carefully chosen from the original 40. In fascinating plots and a highly expressive colloquial language, they are mostly about women's fate, their miserable existence in a polygamous society, their daring struggle for genuine love, and their implications in legal cases. All these shed precious light on the social mosaic of seventeenth-century China.
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Amazing Tales Second Series