Amazing Tales First Series

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A Perennial Bestseller on Townsfolk Life Amazing Tales-First Series together with Amazing Tales-Second Series authored by Ling Mengchu (1580-1644), a famous writer of venacular stories, have topped the best-loved works of Chinese fiction in the past centuries. Stories from the collections are known to almost everyone in China. In close-knit plots, often punctuated with surprising denouements, and vivid colloquial language, these stories cover a wide range of subjects, from young men and women in love and family disputes to complicated legal cases. Now both books have been translated into English. In Amazing Tales -- First Series l8 stories are selected from the original 40 to sing the praise of fidelity of love and all-weather friendship, expose the greed of some nefarious monks and nuns for sex and wealth, and urge the authorities to uphold justice in handling cases. While enjoying these fascinating tales, the reader can get a glimpse of the ethics, customs, and social life of seventeenth-century China.
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Amazing Tales First Series