A Taste of Shanghai

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Shanghai cuisine has attracted the world's attention in recent years, ashas the city's rapid growth and development. This book contains recipesfor twenty typical Shanghai dishes in five categories: vegetarian, seafood,meat, soup, and snacks. In a departure from typical cookbooks, this bookalso provides for each dish its traditions and classical allusions, its nutritionalvalue, and its ideal cooking method. The book's photographs showcase theartistic beauty of each dish. In addition, the book includes the names andmaps of several well-known Shanghai restaurants which serve each dish asits specialty. By reading this book, you will not only learn how to cook eachdish, but you will also learn about the food culture of Shanghai. Therefore,this book is both a practical and a classical overview of Shanghai cuisine forall who celebrate Shanghai's food culture.
Table of Contents
Vegetarian Dishes
Very Typical Shanghai Cuisine:Simmered Spongy Gluten /10
A Popular Herb Dish:Sauteed Alfalfa Sprouts with Sorghum Liquor /16
Once a Temple Dish and Now Popular in All Restaurants:Arhat Vegetarian Dish /20
"Green and White Jade":Sauteed Winter Bamboo Shoot and Shanghai Cabbage (Seasonal) /24
River Food and Seafood
The Delicacy of the New Year's Eve Dinner:Fried Tapertail Anchovy /30
Bony yet Delicious:Braised Crucian Carp with Scallions /36
Peculiar Taste:Sauteed Shelled Shrimp /40
Tasty Fish Tail:Braised Grass Carp Tail with Soy Sauce /44
"Yellow Gold and White Jade":Crab Meat with Tofu /48
Meat Dishes
Chicken Makes Life Good:Boiled Tender Chicken with Sauce /56
The Improved Shanghai Cuisine:Pork Ball Stew /60
Pleasant Memory of Childhood:Simmer Meat /66
The First Soup of Shanghai:Yan Du Xian (Pork and Bamboo Shoots Soup) /72
Special Delicious Taste:Pig's Feet and Soybean Soup /76
Winter and Summer Special:Salted Meat, Preserved Bamboo Shoot and White Gourd Soup /80
Delicious Taste Wrapped in Reed Leaves:Shanghai Zongzi /86
Another Bowl Please:Shanghai Vegetable Rice /92
The Special Refreshments Served at the Wedding:Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls in Fermented Glutinous Rice with Egg /96
Summer Special:Shanghai Chilled Noodles /100
Shanghai Granny's Family Treasure:Wonton with Shepherd's Purse and Minced Pork Filling /104
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Sample pages of A Taste of Shanghai (ISBN:9787532265831,7532265838)

Sample pages of A Taste of Shanghai (ISBN:9787532265831,7532265838)
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A Taste of Shanghai