2020 China's Battle Against the Coronavirus: A Daily Log Jan. 23 - Feb. 23 2020

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Language: English
Page: 135
Publication Date: 03/2020
ISBN: 9787119123196
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

The coronavirus outbreak is a grave test for China. Never since its founding in 1949 has the People’s Republic seen such an intense epidemic. The coronavirus is aggressive and spreads very fast, reaching the whole country within days. The challenges and pressure are immense. In the face of the battle, the central authorities led by President Xi have been proactive and resolute in decision-making and coordina¬tion. The people of China have stood together and helped each other in these hard times, a perfect example of our unyielding national spirit. As President Xi said, the Chinese nation has never been crushed by any of the ordeals it has gone through and it has grown stronger and better, rising time and again from tests and hardships. This book is a collection of reports and articles from a broad range of media coverage recording this period of unforgettable history from January 23 to February 23, 2020 in the form of a daily log. It is published as part of our effort to give readers both home and abroad a full picture of China’s battle against the virus. This is a nationwide action. No one can stand by in the face of the epidemic. The Chinese people are combating the virus with one heart. Wuhan is not fighting alone.

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2020 China's Battle Against the Coronavirus: A Daily Log Jan. 23 - Feb. 23 2020