Chinese Reality TV: a Case Study of GDTV's the Great Challenge for Survival

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Table of Contents

Chapter One : Introduction
1.1 An Overview
1.2 Personal and Intellectual Engagement
1.3 The Significance of the Research
1.4 The Key Argument
1.5 The Structure of the Book
1.6 Conclusion
Chapter Two: Television Media and Reality TV in China
2.1 Television in Mainland China
2.1.1 Television in the Pre-reform Period
2.1.2 Television in the Reform Period
2.2 The Guangdong Television Market
2.3 Reality TV in China
2.4 Some Important Issues Concerning Chinese Television Reform
2.4.1 Television Entertainment
2.4.2 A Social Interest in Ordinary People
2.4.3 The Priority of Political Responsibilities of Television Media
2.5 Conclusion
Chapter Three: Theoretical Frameworks
3.1 Defining Reality TV
3.2 Western Studies on Reality TV
3.2.1 Some Problematic Approaches to the Reality TV Phenomenon
3.2.2 Two Important Theoretical Speculations
3.2.3 Recent Western Studies on Reality TV
3.3 Studies on Chinese Reality TV
3.4 Chinese Documentary
3.4.1 Theoretical Debates on Special Topic" Programme
3.5 Localization
3.6 Cultural Discount
3.7 Conclusion
Chapter Four: Considerations of Methodology
4.1 The Research Approach: A Case Study
4.2 Tripartite Framework: Text-Production-Reception
4.2.1 Textual Analysis
4.2.2 Audience
4.2.3 Production Research
4.3 The Ethnographic Approach
4.4 Data Collection
4.5 Semi-structured Interviewing
4.6 Production Observation
4.7 Some issues about Production Research
4.7.1 Preparation for the Changes
4.7.2 My approach to Production Crew and other Interviewees
4.7.3 Researcher's Influence
4.7.4 The Coverage of the Interviewees
4.7.5 Interview Practice
4.7.6 Recording the Data
4.8 Conclusion
Chapter Five : The Origins of the TGCFS
5.1 GDTV's Travel Documentary Tradition
5.2 Airwave Boys: A Predecessor of Reality TV
5.2.1 The Emergence of an Outdoor Sports Culture
5.2.2 Life Experience Format
5.2.3 Concerns of Safety
5.2.4 The Crew's Pioneer Spirit
5.3 Survivor: A Paradigm of Game-doc
5.3.1 Infotainment Approach
5.3.2 Ethical Considerations of Privacy
5.4 Conclusion
Chapter Six: Documentary Approach and Dramatic Effects
Chapter Seven: The Role and Experience of Participants
Chapter Eight: Entertainment Function and Political Purpose
Chapter Nine: Commercial Operation and Institutional Environment
Chapter Ten: Original Format and Creative Approach
Chapter Eleven: Conclusion

Chinese Reality TV: a Case Study of GDTV's the Great Challenge for Survival