Fighting-Against COVID-19 A Way to Make the World Understand More About China

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Based on foreigners insights about China's fight against COVID-19, this book compiles many foreign former politicians' and experts' interpretation and analysis toward the value of a community of shared future for mankind, China's governance capability, and China's way of development. Foreign experts speak highly of China's efforts in fighting against the COVID-19, believing that China has proven its commitment toward a community of shared future for mankind through concrete actions and undertakings when facing the virus.According to them, it is only when the international community stays hand in hand, can the world defeat this shared enemy of human beings.

About Author
Prof.Liu Yuanchun is Vice President of Renmin University of China (RUC).He was selected as distinguished professor of the Changjiang Scholars Program, distinguished expert of the State Council, young and middle-aged expert with remarkable contribution as part of the National Key Talent Program, and as member of the New Century Excellent Talents Program.He works as Executive Deputy Director of the Institute of Economic Research, and Executive Director of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at RUC.With Macroeconomics and World Economics as his main research areas,Prof.Liu has authored over 10 books and over 200 papers published in influential domestic and international academic journals.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
China's Anti-Epidemic Campiugn Shapes the World's Perception of China
Int'I Cooperation Against Coronavirus Is Urgently Needed
Danilo Turk
Russia Supports China's Fight Against Outbreak of Coronavirus
Sergey Glazyev
A Letter to China: After the Rain, the Sun Comes Up
Zlatko Lagumdzija
China Deserves Praise, Cooperation in Fight Against Coronavirus
Helga Zepp-LaRouche
China Fights Against COVID-19 - A Story of Pride
lsamoldien Khadir A. Elmansour
Great Adversity Rejuvenates a Nation: 中国, 加油!
William Jones
Chinese People's Resilience and Efforts Will Win the Anti-Virus Battle
Jonathan Zadka

Chapter 2
China's Governance Capaaty Gets Affirmation
China's Fight Against COVID-19: A Sense of Responsibility to the World
Djoomart Otorbaev
Have Confidence in Resilience of China's Economy
Slawomir Majman
Realism and Clear-Headed Thinking a Must in the Coronavirus Crisis
John Ross
Love and Amity the Most Effective Vaccine
Jean-Guy Carrier
China's Technology Use in the Fight Against COVID-19 Is Worth Learning
Ussal Sahbaz
U.S.-China Decoupling Is Not an Option
William Jones

Chapter 3
Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind with Actual Actions
Time for Solidarity and International Cooperation
Essam Sharaf
A Time for Joining Hands in a World Community
Eddie Tapiero
The Unorthodox Lunar New Year
Ong Tee Keat
Global Cooperation Vital to Fight Against COVID-19
Priyanka Pandit
COVID-19 Is Crunch Time for Your Business Relationship with China
Daryl Guppy
Chapter 4
The International Community's Recogrution of Cluna's Development Path
Chapter 5
Foreigners Observe the Source of Cluna's Development Vitality
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Fighting-Against COVID-19 A Way to Make the World Understand More About China