Wuxi Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"Wuxi Statistical Yearbook 2010" is a high concentration of information on the data tool. This book contains 2009 Wuxi's economic and social aspects of the data, and historical significance of the year since the reform and opening up the main causes behind the statistics.
The book consists of 22 study items, namely: 1. Synthesis; 2. Population, labor force; 3. People's lives; 4. Prices; 5. Fixed assets investment; 6. Urban construction, environmental protection; 7. Agriculture; 8. Industrial ; 9. the construction industry; 10. transportation, post and telecommunications; 11. domestic trade; 12.'s foreign economic trade and tourism; 13. finance, banking, insurance; 14. energy power; 15. the private economy; 16. Science and technology; 17 . education and culture; 18. Health and Physical Education; 19. civil justice; 20. urban information; 21. Statistical Bulletin; 22. Main Statistical Indicators.
Data used in the units of measurement are the use of international uniform standard units of measurement.
Table of Contents
First comprehensive
Natural overview
From the statistical view of Wuxi City, 2009
1-1 Administrative Division and the land area
1-2 street, town list
1-3 pm on meteorological conditions
1-4 meteorological, hydrological profiles (2008-2009)
1-5 overall national economic and social development and the speed indicator (2005-2009)
l-6 during the National Economy in the average annual growth rate
1-7 Main Indicators of the average per capita national level (2005-2009)
1 to 8 people's material and cultural standard of living (2005-2009)
1-9 Wuxi day (2005-2009)
l-lO Wuxi National Economy in the proportion of the whole province
1 1 11 calendar year GDP and constitute
l A total of 12 social output, GDP
1 1 13, the structural condition of the regional GDP
1-14 constitute elements of the city's GDP
1-15 constitute elements of urban GDP
l of a 16-element composition of GDP, Jiangyin City
1, a GDP of 17 elements constitute Yixing
1-18 calculated by expenditure approach, GDP (2008-2009)
1 a 19 min city (county) of major economic indicators
Second population of labor force
2-1 years of the total population and average population
The natural changes in 2-2 years
2-3 population
2-4 households, the average population, population density
2-5 The natural population change
Family planning and marital status, 2-6
2-7 years divided by three industry professionals and the social composition
2-8 years total number of employees
2-9 Number of Employees
2-10 Employees
2 1 11 by city (county) Staff and Workers in sub-
2 1 12 Basic information of urban social insurance
2-13 changes in urban employment and unemployment
Part III living
3-1 people's life (1978-2009)
3-2 living conditions of urban households
3-3 family income of urban residents
3-4 Expenditure of Urban Households
3-5 of cash income and expenditure of urban residents
3-6 per 100 urban households at the end of ownership of durable goods
3-7 Urban household income per household in kind
3-8 peasant family in the basic situation (2005-2009)
3-9 per capita income of farm families (2005-2009)
3-10 farmers per capita net income (2008-2009)
3-11 farmers per capita net income group tables
3 A group of 12 farmers per capita net income ratio
3-13 farmers per capita consumption expenditure of households (2008-2009)
3 to 14 farmers per capita household consumption of consumer goods throughout the year (2005-2009)
3-15 per capita food consumption in rural households (2008-2009)
3-16 per capita of rural households in the major sale of agricultural products (2008-2009)
3-17 per 100 farmer households durable consumer goods owned (2005-2009)
Part IV Price
4 1 l years the urban consumer price index and retail price index
4-2 years of urban consumer price index and retail price index
4-3 Consumer Price Index
4-4 in monthly consumer price index and retail price index
Retail Price Index 4-5
The Fifth Article of fixed assets investment
5-1 years to complete the amount of total fixed asset investment
5-2 years completed and the residential area housing area
5-3 Main Indicators of total fixed asset investment
5-4 various industrial sectors the main indicators of total fixed asset investment
5-5500 million yuan Investment in Fixed Assets
5-6 more than 5 million yuan of industrial sectoral Investment in Fixed Assets
5-7, the efficiency of investment conditions (urban scale)
5-8 Investment in real estate development
Housing construction and sales of 5-9 (urban scale)
5-10 completion of construction and real estate development and housing conditions
5-11 commercial housing sales
5 real estate sales, a 12 maximum of 50 enterprises
5-13 real estate sales area of up to 50 companies
Part VI Environmental Protection of Urban Construction
6-1 years of urban roads, street lighting
6-2 years City Landscaping
6-3 years of urban public transport
6-4 years City tap water
6-5 years Town LPG
The situation of urban construction land 6-6 (2005-2009)
6-7 cases municipal facilities (2005-2009)
Urban landscape conditions 6-8 (2005-2009)
6-9 city bus, taxi situation (2005-2009)
6-10 urban water situation (2005-2009)
6 1 11 urban natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas situation (2005-2009)
6-12 industrial "three wastes" discharge treatment and comprehensive use
6-13 integrated environmental management of the situation (2008-2009)
Title VII of Agriculture
7-1 years at the end of arable land
7-2 years agricultural output
7-3 years agricultural output per capita
7-4 basic conditions in rural areas (2005-2009)
7-5 basic situation in rural areas
7-6 arable land
7-7 Agricultural and rural non-farm sector GDP (1990-2009)
Agriculture and rural non-farm sectors 7-8 output form (1990-2009)
7-9 Agriculture and Rural non-farm sector output
7 1 10 agricultural and rural non-farm sectors constitute gross
7-1l agricultural output at current prices
7-12 constitute agricultural output at current prices
7-13 sub-case of agricultural output
7-14 agricultural output, intermediate consumption and value added (2008-2009)
7-15 crop acreage
7-16 Crop production and yields
7-17 vegetable crop production
7 1 18 forestry, tea, fruit production
7-19 Animal Husbandry
7-20 output of aquatic products
7-21 since the founding of the major agricultural production and the highest annual comparison
7-22 Main economic indicators of agriculture (2005-2009)
Modernization of Agriculture 7-23
7-24 Agricultural Machinery
7-25 pm Basic township
Eighth article industries
8-1 pm City (County) scale industrial economic indicators
8.2 Sub-city (county) scale state-owned and state holding industrial enterprises Economic Indicators
8-3 pm City (County) scale collective industrial economic indicators
8-4 pm City (County) scale of Industrial economic indicators
8-5 pm City (County) and medium-sized industrial enterprises in economic indicators
8_6 scale industrial economic indicators
8-7 all state-owned and state holding industrial enterprises Economic Indicators
8-8 scale Economic Indicators of Industrial Enterprises
8-9 medium-sized industrial enterprises in economic indicators
8 1 lO output of main products
8-11 sub-city (county) scale private industrial economic indicators
8-12 main business income of the top 100 companies
8, a maximum of 13 total profit and tax of 100 companies
8-14 assets up to 100 companies
8 1 15 to accommodate the largest 100 companies of labor
8 A list of 16 large and medium industrial enterprises
Construction ninth chapter
9-1 Construction production by region
9-2 the financial situation of the construction industry by region
9-3 Types of Construction by Registration production
9-4 Construction production by industry
Construction 9-5 by Qualification Level of production
9_6 Construction by Registration Status financial situation
9_7 financial position of the construction industry by industry
9-8 by Qualification Level of the financial situation of the construction industry
The financial situation of the construction industry 9-9 Grouped
The 10th article of Transportation and Telecommunications
10 1 1 society passenger and cargo traffic
10-2 pm City (County) passenger and cargo traffic
10-3 Total Passenger Traffic (1990 2009)
10-4 of the whole society cargo volume (1990 2009)
10-5 of the whole society the number of vehicles, vessels (2005-2009)
lO-6 vehicle ownership society
lO-7 ownership of private vehicles
10 1 8 posts and telecommunications standards
lO a situation of Post and Telecommunications 9 (2005-2009)
Post and Telecommunications 10 1 10 cases
10th a domestic trade
1l-l calendar year, total retail sales of social consumer goods
1l-2, total retail sales
11-3 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods by Region
11-4 above Design the basic situation of the industry
11-5 Accommodation and catering sales
11-6 above Design Trade by purchase, sale, deposit the total amount
11-7 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated key financial indicators
11-8 accommodation and catering enterprises above designated key financial indicators
1l a 900 million yuan more than the basic situation of commodity market
1l a 10 month total retail sales of social consumer goods
1l-11 merchandise sales top 50 trading companies
11 1 12 50 highest revenue accommodation and catering enterprises
The 12th article of foreign trade and tourism
12-l use of foreign capital (1978-2009)
12-2 use of foreign capital
12-3 Foreign Investment
12-4 Wuxi Customs Import and Export Total (2008-2009)
12-5 by Country (Region) points total import and export
12-6 List of foreign non-trade enterprises
12-7 foreign contracted projects and labor cooperation
12-8 tourism facilities in Main Years situation (21305-2009)
12-9 Main case of international tourists received years (2005-2009)
12-102009 end of Wuxi City Star Hotel, Hotel
12-11 the number of travel agents to receive inbound tourists
12-12 Basic Conditions of Travel
Construction of national development zones 12-13
12-14 provincial-level development zone construction
Wuxi City 12 1 15 AAA-level scenic spots above list
12-16 concluded with foreign friends, Wuxi City List
13th chapter FINANCE
13-1 calendar year revenue
13-2 Total Financial Expenditure
13-3 revenue and expenditure
13-4 end of the financial institutions balance of RMB deposits and loans (1990 2009)
13-5 Cash Income and Expenditure Financial Institutions (1990-2009)
13-6 RMB deposits and loans of financial institutions at end of year
13-7 Insurance Business development (2008-2009)
13-8 Wuxi stock (domestic) issuance List
13-9 Wuxi company stock (within) the composition of capital
14th chapter of energy power
14-1 city's large industrial enterprises of energy purchase, consumption and inventory
14-2 sub-regional scale industrial enterprise energy consumption
14-3 city's industrial enterprises above the scale of energy consumption by Sector
14-4 industrial enterprises above designated size industrial water
14-5 urban industrial enterprises above designated size of energy purchase, consumption and inventory
14-6 forms of energy consumption of the top 50 industrial enterprises
14-7 coal consumption of the top 50 industrial enterprises
14-8 consumption of refined oil, the top 50 industrial enterprises
14-9 power, the top 50 industrial enterprises
14 1 lO society electricity consumption
14-11 situation in monthly electricity consumption of the whole society
15th chapter of Private Economy
15-l synthesis private economy (1)
15-2 run overall economic situation (2)
15-3 synthesis of private economy
15-4 the number of individual industrial and commercial
Private main directions 15-5
Registered capital of private enterprises 15-6
15-7 the number of private investors and Employees
16th chapter of Science and Technology
16 1 l Basic Science and Technology (1980-2009)
16-2 Basic Conditions of professional and technical personnel
16-3 Number of scientific and technological achievements awards
16-4 Number of patent application and approval
16-5 Number of Wuxi City, the torch plan project (1990-2008)
16-6 Number of Wuxi Spark Program (1990-2009)
16-7 to raise funding for science and technology activities and expenditures
16-8 science and technology activities into the distribution of human resources
16-9 Local Financial (budget) expenditures for science and technology funds
17th chapter Education and Culture
17-1 over the years the number of schools
17-2 The number of students over the years
17-3 over the years the number of graduates
17-4 over the years the number of full-time teachers
Schools of all levels of education condition 17-5
17-6 Basic Conditions of Colleges and Universities
17-7 Division colleges and universities the number of full-time teachers and students
17-8 Basic Conditions of Specialized Secondary Schools
17-9 Adult Basic Education
17-10 Basic Conditions of preschool education
17-11 enrollment and transition rates
17 to 12 per million in the burden of ownership and number of students per full-time teachers
17-13 A list of all private schools
17-14 high school enrollment rate (2008.2009)
17-15 Number of Cultural Institutions
17-16 Basic Conditions of arts
17-17 libraries, museums Basic
Basic 17-18 television
17-19 Basic Conditions of radio
17-20 television production situation
17-2l radio program production situation
Basic 17-22 archives
17-23 places of worship, the fundamental state
18th chapter of Health Physical Education
18-1 Health Institutions
18-2 over the years the number of health workers
18-3 over the years the number of hospital beds
18-4 over the years the number of doctors
18-5 Health Institutions, Beds and Personnel
18-6 Health Professionals of all kinds
18-7 Medical and health standards
18-8 hospitals above the county level work (2005-2009)
I 8-9 top ten causes of death and mortality, disease
Accidental death of a 10 18
18-1l sports basic conditions
19th District judicial article
19-1 Basic Conditions of social welfare (2005-2009)
The situation of social welfare enterprises 19-2
19-3 Urban Community Services Network
19-4 social assistance and minimum living conditions of urban and rural residents
19-5 lawyers, notaries, mediation work (2005-2009)
19-6 Classification Legal Instruments (2008-2009)
19-7 mediate civil disputes Classification (2005-2009)
19-8 Domestic Notarial Documents by Type (2008-2009)
City information twenty articles
Some 20 cities nationwide for a one of major economic indicators
20-2 Jiangsu Province, the cities and county of major economic indicators
Twenty-one statistical bulletin
21 2009 in Wuxi City National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin
The twenty-second page core statistical indicators to explain
22 Main Statistical Indicators
Wuxi Statistical Yearbook 2010