Wuxi Statistical Yearbook 2011

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 10/2011
ISBN: 9787503759574
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Wuxi Statistical Yearbook
 First, the "Wuxi Statistical Yearbook - 2011" is a highly centralized data information tool. This book contains 2010 Wuxi economic and social aspects of information and historical significance of the year since the reform and opening up the main statistics. Second, the book is divided into 22 table of contents, namely: 1. Comprehensive; 2. Population, labor force; 3. People's lives; 4. Prices; 5. Investment in fixed assets; 6. Urban construction, environmental protection; 7. Agriculture; 8. Industry; 9. Construction; 10 transportation, post and telecommunications; 11 domestic trade; 12 foreign trade and tourism; 13. Finance, banking, insurance; 14. Energy, electricity; 15 private economy; 16 science and technology; 17 education and culture; 18 health and sports; 19 civil affairs, justice; 20. City data; 21. Statistics; 22. Main Statistical Indicators. Third, the data in the units of measurement used are the use of international standard measurement units. Fourth, some of the information in the Yearbook or the relative number of total number of units to choose different because of calculation errors were produced for mechanical adjustments. Fifth, the use of symbols in the yearbook description: "" lack of information in this table indicates the number of units at least; "#" indicates the major items. Sixth, the reader uses historical data, where the discrepancies with the yearbook, are subject to the yearbook. Seven, in 2001, Wuxi City, a larger change in the administrative divisions occur, remove Xishan City, New Xishan District, Huishan; revocation Ma mountain, combined with the original re-established the Lake District countryside. Please note data comparability readers. Eight, Ⅸ around Wuxi Statistical Yearbook> open publishing has been the care and support for domestic and foreign readers, the contents of the yearbook and editing made ​​many valuable suggestions, which we are grateful. Given our limited standard of welcome readers to continue to give criticism and lack of Yearbook correction and help us further improve the yearbook editor, with a view to better service to readers.

Wuxi Statistical Yearbook 2011