Travel in Chinese (Vol. 4.) Attached with 2 DVDs

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Travel in Chinese integrates linguistic functions into real-life scenes and, with audio teaching aids, emphasises listening and speaking skills.

Travel ln Chinese is perfect for learners of Chinese at elementary and intermediate levels, and for people who are interest in Chinese culture and customs to study the language on their own.

This series Includes:
Five textbooks
Two gift DVDs for each textbook

The features of this series:
It provides a panoramic view of real-life scenes in China, with language progressing from the very basic usages to more sophisticated communications.
The DVD programme takes you on a visual trip to more than 20 picturesque tourist spots and historic sites in nine provinces in China.
Detailed English instructions provide friendly and encouraging assistance for beginners and self-learners.
Rich cultural knowlege and background information blend with authentic and interesting daily Chinese expressions.

About the programme:
The TV programme Travel in Chinese was shot on actual sites by China Central TV the national TV network and apromise of high quality.
The programme becomes so popular among learners at home and abroad that it has been rebroadcast several times since first airing.
It is hosted by Mark Rowswell (Dashan), an anchorman best known in China for his humorous and accurate style.
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Travel in Chinese (Vol. 4.) Attached with 2 DVDs (ISBN:9787560092942,7560092942)
Sample pages of Travel in Chinese (Vol. 4.) Attached with 2 DVDs (ISBN:9787560092942,7560092942)

Colleague: Look, Xuemei, this is the Xingtan Pavilion.
Xuemei: Xingtan Pavilion? What's that?
Colleague: Xingtan Pavilion is where Confucius taught.
Xuemei: Where he taught? I don't think this is big enough for his students. Isn't it said that he had three thousand students?
Colleague: Xuemei, let me tell you. This Xingtan Pavilion was built in
the Song Dynasty in memory of Confucius. Back in those days Confucius sat right here and taught while playing the zither. His students gathered around him while listening to his lectures.
Xuemei: Oh, I see.
Colleague: Xuemei, do you know what this is for?
Xuemei: I've noticed lots of birds in this courtyard. Could this be an American-style bird-bath?
Colleague: Very imaginative, but this is not a bird-bath. Nowadays people know it's the end of the class when they hear the bell. But in the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius would light three sticks of incense here, and when the incense burnt out it was the end of the class.
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Travel in Chinese (Vol. 4.) Attached with 2 DVDs