Three Word Primer with English Rhymes - with illustrations

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Author: Zhao Yanchun;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 27.7 x 17.5 x 3 cm
Page: 250
Publication Date: 09/2017
ISBN: 9787040483567
Considering the three standards of pictograph, ideograph and phonology which are used to measure the aesthetic of translation, the book initiates "three words metre" to present the best Three Character Primer with English rhymes. Owing to the misunderstanding of brilliant and gorgeous Chinese culture and the restriction because Chinese and English separately belong to Sino-Tibetan languages and Indo-European languages, the previous translations either have less flexible and smooth semantic paraphrase, or have errors in historical facts. Even if the translations consider both flexible paraphrase and true presentation of historical facts, they may lack the comprehensive consideration of pictograph, ideograph and phonology. Three Character Primer with English rhymes creates a new translation way of using three English words in correspondence with three Chinese characters and orderly "aabb" rhythmic modes after the author spends three years researching and studying, which allows the translation closer to the writing type and language style of Chinese Three Character Primer.
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Three Word Primer with English Rhymes - with illustrations