The Silk Road: Path of Hope - The Global Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative

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Table of Contents
I Nigeria
1 A Port Opened and a City on the Rise: Joint Development of the Lekki Port and the Free Trade Zone
2 Headline: China and Nigeria Sign a Memorandum of Under-standing on Belt and Road Cooperation
3 Dialogue: Lekki Port Estimated to Generate an Economic Benefit of US$361 Billion
II Cambodia
1 China-Cambodia Cooperation Strengthened: the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway
2 Headline: CAFTA 3
3 Dialogue: CAFTA 3.0 Will Improve Quality and Upgrade Trade and Investment
III Chile
1 Accomplishing Many “Firsts” in Chile: CRCC Opens Up Broader Prospects for China-Chile Cooperation
2 Headline: New Opportunities and Missions for China-Chile Relations
3 Dialogue: China’s Accession to the DEPA Will Drive China-Chile Bilateral Cooperation
IV Qatar
1 China’s Intelligent Manufacturing Guides the “Golden Bowl”: “Green Building + Technology” Provides a New Vision for China
Qatar Cooperation
2 Headline: “Made-in-China” Elements Appear on a Qatari Banknote for a Second Time
3 Dialogue: Why Has Lusail Stadium Become the “Made in China” Flagship Project
V Malaysia
1 The East Coast Rail Link Benefits the Local Population
2 Headline: High-Quality Belt and Road Cooperation
3 Dialogue: China-Malaysia Trade Expected to Hit New Highs, with Huge Potential for Cooperation in Emerging Sectors
VI Colombia
1 “Made in China” Helps Bogotá Realize “Metro Dream”
2 Headline: A New Dynamic Is Injected into China-Colombia Economic and Trade Cooperation
3 Dialogue: Diversified Chinese Investment in the BRI Framework Helps Deepen Bilateral Cooperation
VII Vietnam
1 Vietnam’s First Light Rail Boosts Hanoi Economic Zone
2 Headline: the First China Railway Express Train (Hefei-Hanoi)
3 Dialogue: Diversified Cooperation Between China and Vietnam
VIII Ethiopia
1 Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway: Internationalization and Localization
2 Headline: The African Continent’s First Electrified Transnational Railway Makes Its Debut
3 Dialogue: The Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway Is a Vehicle of China-Africa Cooperation and a Transport Lifeline
IX Hungary
1 Lenovo Builds a New In-House Facility in Hungary to Be a Flagship Hi-Tech Manufacturer
2 Headline: The BRI Proves that Globalization Promotes Development
3 Dialogue: Major Chinese-Funded Projects Enable Hungary to Be a Leader in Belt and Road Cooperation
X Mexico
1 “Chinese Strength” Boosts the Development of Mexico’s Industries and Infrastructure
2 Headline: Chinese Investment in Mexico Nearly Doubled in the First Half of
3 Dialogue: China Is Mexico’s Second Largest Trading Partner
XI Greece
1 The Piraeus Port of Athens Is a Key Gateway for Economic and Trade Exchanges Between China and Europe
2 Headline: The Piraeus Port Is the Gateway of the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road to CEEC
3 Dialogue: Building the Piraeus Port into an Integrated Trade Port
XII Thailand
1 The Construction of the China-Thailand Railway Accelerates Economic and Trade Connectivity Between Thailand and the Region
2 Coordinating Thailand’s EEC with the BRI at a Brisker Pace
3 Headline: Thailand’s First HSR Highlights Chinese Standards and Speed
4 Dialogue: China-Thailand Cooperation Creates Results that Grow Exponentially in Many Fields
XIII Brazil
1 The Belo Monte Hydropower Project Benefits One Tenth of the Brazilian Population
2 Headline: China and Brazil Seek Post-Pandemic Cooperation Under the BRI Framework
3 Dialogue: Prospects for China-Brazil Energy Cooperation
XIV Croatia
1 The Peljesac Bridge “Connects” China and Croatia; the Senj Wind Farm Project Promotes a Green Silk Road
2 Headline: A Model of Win-Win Cooperation Between China and Croatia
3 Dialogue: the Building of the “Sino-European Green Energy Model Project”
XV The Philippines
1 The Opening of the Pasig River Bridge in Manila Will Further Strengthen Chin
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The Silk Road: Path of Hope - The Global Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative