The Second R&D Resources Inventory Compilation 2009 - Comprehensive Volume

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 05/2011
ISBN: 9787503762260
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: The Second R&D Resources Inventory Compilation
To fully grasp our research and development (referred to as R & D) activities to better adapt to the new situation, the demand for macro-management by the State Council, the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Science, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, National Defense Science and Industry Bureau in 2009 jointly launched a second national R & D resources inventory.
     The investigation object is the national inventory of R & D activities are relatively intensive legal entities involved in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, mining, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water production and supply, construction, transportation transportation, warehousing and postal industries, information transmission, computer services and software, finance, leasing and business services, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management industry, education, health, social security and social welfare, culture, sports and entertainment industries such as fourteen.
     Inventory mainly covers R & D activities, the number of personnel, the quality of their work situation; R & D expenditures, uses and sources of the situation; R & D instruments and equipment and other fixed assets with the situation; all kinds of R & D institutions of the basic situation; R & D project (the subject) of the type of research, organization and socio-economic goals, etc.; patents and other intellectual property rights owned and used; technology introduction, digestion and absorption and technological conditions; Government for R & D tax credits and so on.
     This compilation is the second national R & D resources inventory data series of the comprehensive volume is a reflection of the overall inventory of fourteen industry statistics book. The book is divided into six parts, including the comprehensive (main index case), R & D PERSONNEL, R & D activities, the funding situation, R & D project (subject) case, R & D activities, outputs, research institutions and so on. Book with Main Statistical Indicators.
The Second R&D Resources Inventory Compilation 2009 - Comprehensive Volume