The Grand Canal Poetry Collection: Moonshine on the Canal

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Table of Contents
第一辑 历史的河 Section 1: The Canal of History
古运河 The Ancient Canal
月河 The Moon River
长纤塘 The Changqiantang Community
范蠡湖公园 The Fan Li Lake Park
落帆亭 Pavilion of Hauling down Sail
一宿庵 One Night Nunnery
运河 The Canal
莲泗荡 The Liansidang Lake
血印禅寺 The Zen Temple with Bloodstains
北丽桥 The Beili Bridge
三过堂 The Three Visit Hall
三塔 Three Pagodas
船过三塔 Passing the Three Pagodas by Boat
寒山寺 Cold Mountain Temple
白龙潭 The White Dragon Pool
月河码头 The Dwarf of Moon River
环城河 The Ring River
芦苇,构成了南方 Reeds Formed the South
网船会 Gathering of Net Boats
王江泾 The Wangjiangjing Town
运河断章 Fragments of Thoughts on the Canal
运河史 The History of Canal
月河街 Street of the Moon River
运河小曲 Ditties of the Canal
船老大 Boatman
第二辑 时间的网 Section 2: Net of Time
沉没 Sinking
夏季的风 The Wind of Summer
停泊的时光 The Time of Mooring
下午茶 Aftemoon Tea
门前柳 The Willows in Front of the Gate
海市蜃楼 Mirage
上岸的脚步 The Steps Going Ashore
航道 Fairway
运河公园 The Canal Park
流水声 The Sound of Flowing Water
夜航船 Night Boating
浪花 Sprays
写给河流 To the River
船的意象 Image of the Boat
寂寞的旅程 The Lonely Jourmey
自说自话 Self-Confessions
运河抒情 Lyric on the Canal
卡片上的句子 Lines on Cards
二十四小时 24Hours
船闸 Ship Lock
抵达的宿命 Predestination of Arrival
第三辑 记忆的村落 Section3:Village in Memory
船上人 Boatman
岸上的歌声 Songs on the Bank
生活之舟 Boat of Life
三原色 The Three Original Colors
翁金线 The Weng-Jin Road
石墩村 Stone Mound Village
一条鱼的追求 Pursuit of a Fish
桥的象征 Symbol of Bridge
油车港 The Youchegang Town
渔歌子 Fisherman's Song
水的故乡 Hometown of Water
运河边 By the Canal
鱼的孤独 Solitude of Fish
桃花源 The Peach Paradise
一盏灯 A Lanterm
村史馆 Museum of the Village History
一切都属于我Everything Is Mine
躺在船舱望着一朵花 Watching a Flower While Lying in the Boat Cabin
见字如晤 See My Letter like Seeing Me
停泊 Moor
波光粼粼是你的眼睛 Glistening Waves Are Your Eyes
去遥远的北方 Go to the Distant North
夜半钟声到客船 The Passenger Boat Arrived with the Peal of Midnight
水的表达方式 The Ways of Expression of Water
第四辑 其他 Section 4:Others
流水账 The Current Account
运河知道 The Canal Knows
水的性格 The Character of Water
水的歌 The Song of Water
两座桥Two Bridges
运河边,两行诗 Two Lines by the Canal
除了雨声 Except the Sound of Rain
一船星辰 A Boat of Stars
形同陌路 As Passers-by
明月照见我 The Bright Moon Iluminates Me
残荷 The Withered Lotus
桥的状态 State of Bridge
沉默与表达 Silence and Expression
嘉兴老酒 Rice Wine of Jiaxing
逝者如斯夫 Time Disappears like the Canal
江南伞拳 Umbrella Boxing of the South of Yangtze
素描 Sketch
不靠岸的人 The Man Who does not Get Ashore
这么多的月亮 So Many Moons
光阴留在无人处 Time Left in an Unmanned Place
运河里的一条鱼 A Fish in the Canal
后记 我只是运河上的一枚月亮 PostscriptIAmaMoon on the Canal
The Grand Canal Poetry Collection: Moonshine on the Canal