The Grand Canal Poetry Collection: The Canal Through Me

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Table of Contents
上部 南运河之子
The First Half: Son of the South Grand Canal
第一卷 我的江南运河
Volume 1: My Grand Canal in the South of Yangtze
序诗·哀江南The Poem as Prologue:An Elegy on the South of Yangtze
第一辑 南运河城镇之嘉兴:我的祖居地
Section 1: Jiaxing, a City by the South Grand Canal—My Ancestral Homeland
月河之夜 Night on the Moon River
粽子Rice Dumplings
梅花洲两首 Two Verses Written on the Plum Blossom Islet Park
在潮与潮之间 Between Tide and Tide
第二辑 南运河城镇之盛泽:我的出生地
Section 2: Shengze, a Town by the South Grand Canal—My Birthplace
盛泽:从一根丝开始 Shengze:Starting from a Silk Thread
桑树 Mulberry Tree
盛泽旧影 On the Old Pictures of Shengze Town
梅雨季节的吻 Kiss in the Plum Rain Season
回江南 Back to the South of Yangtze
烂溪河 The Lanxi Canal
阳光如蚕 The Sunshine like Silkworm
去舅舅家的路 The Way to Uncle's Home
屋檐上的冰碴子 Icicles under Eaves
携蟹归京即煮吃有忏 Confession on Taking Live Crabs from My Hometown to Beijing and Boiling and Eating Them at Once
第三辑 南运河城镇之镇江、苏州、湖州、杭州:我的近邻地
Section 3: Zhenjiang, Suzhou, Huzhou, Hangzhou, Cities by the South Grand Canal—My Neighboring Places
西津渡,无船可渡 No Boat at the Xijin Ferry
镇江之夜 A Night in Zhenjjang
宝带桥 The Baodai Bridge
致锦溪 To Jinxi Town
灵英塔 The Lingying Pagoda
南太湖即景 Inspiration from Watching the Southerm Taihu Lake
湖笔颂 Ode to Huzhou Writing Brush
说小河 On a Riverlet
道场山下即景即事 Scenes and Things at the Foot of Taoist Ashram Hill
天堂的焦虑 Anxiety in Paradise
乌云想要抹黑你却被你拥抱The Dark Cloud Tries to Darken You,yet Embraced by You
第二卷 古运河(塘河)与小运河(乌桥港)
Volume 2: The Ancient Grand Canal (Dyke Canal) and the Small Canal (Wuqiaogang Canal)
序诗:塘河的彼岸与此岸 Poem as Prologue:The Other and This Shore of the Dyke Canal
乌桥港(组诗选) The Wuqiaogang Canal(excerpts of a series)
坟墩 Mound
俞家荡的芦苇Reeds in the Yu's Lake
旧船哀歌 Elegy on a Worm Boat
浮尸A Floating Corpse
第三卷 大运河流域物质文化之老物件系列
Volume 3: Old Tools of the Material Culture of the Grand Canal Regions
序诗:凿子、榔头与人 Poem as Prologue:Chisel.Hammer and Man
犁 Plow
拉耙自述 Self-Statement of Rake
牛格子(轭) The Bull Lattice(Yoke)
铡刀 Straw Chopper
镰刀 Sickle
锄头 Hoe
箬帽(斗笠) Bamboo Hat
蓑衣 Palm-bark Raincape
扬谷机 The Winnower
水车 The Waterwheel
奶奶的调丝车 The Spinning Wheel of Grandma
石磨 Millstones
灶头 The Stove
油灯 The Oil Lamp
滚轱辘圈 Bowling a Hoop
陀螺 The Spinning Top
下部 北运河之游子
The Second Half: Wanderer of the North Grand Canal
第四卷 通州乡思
Volume 4: Homesickness in Tongzhou District of Beijing
序诗:我这滴来自南运河的水 The Poem as Prologue:I,a Drop of Water from the South Grand Canal
石帆 The Stone Sail
从童年游来的蚌 The Clam Swimming from Childhood
第五卷 玉河新咏
Volume 5: New Chants on the Jade River
玉河雪霁 Fine after Snowing over the Jade River
大风起兮芦苇黄 Reeds Became Yellow as the Gale Came
玉河上捞落叶的人 He Who Picks Fallen Leaves on the Jade River
什刹海 The Shichahai Lake
镇水兽 The Beast of Controlling Flood
The Grand Canal Poetry Collection: The Canal Through Me