The Grand Canal Poetry Collection: I Carry the Grand Canal and Sing

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Table of Contents
第一章 运河开始了
Chapter 1: The Canal Begins
运河开始了 The Canal Begins
大运河放歌 Song of the Grand Canal
运河夜游 Night Tour on the Canal
第二章 大运河的骨关节(山东段)
Chapter 2: Joints of the Grand Canal (The stretch in ShandongProvince)
德州黑陶 Black Pottery of Dezhou City
大禹治水:具丘山 The Juqiu Hill Built by Yu the Great to Tame the Flood
德州扒鸡 Braised Chicken of Dezhou
运河的肩膀 Shoulders of the Canal
济宁,李白的气味 Li Bai's Smell in Jining City
浣笔泉 Spring for Washing Writing Brushes
孔子钓鱼台 Fishing Terrace of Confucius
遍布植物的汶上 The Wenshang County Full of Plants
孤桐书院:孔子在此研习音乐 The Single Paulownia Acadery Where Confucius once Studied Music
微山湖 The Weishan Lake
第三章 大运河的骨关节(江苏段)
Chapter 3: Joints of the Grand Canal (The stretch in JiangsuProvince)
徐州 The Xuzhou City
扬州,瘦西湖 The Slender West Lake in Yangzhou City
张中丞庙 The Zhang Zhongcheng Temple
泰伯殿 The Taibo Palace
苏州园林走向欧美 Suzhou Gardens Go to Europe and America
周庄故事 Story of Zhouzhuang Town
船行昆山锦溪镇 Boating in Jinxi Town of Kunshan City
奥灶面 Aozao Noodles
拜谒归有光墓 Pay a Respective Visit to the Tomb of Gui Youguang
京杭大运河现在流过盛泽 The Jinghang Grand Canal Flows Through Shengze Town
盛泽镇的先蚕祠 The Silkworm Shrine in Shengze Town
盛泽镇,有一个诗人工作室 In Shengze Town, There Is a Poet's Studio
第四章 大运河的骨关节(浙江段)
Chapter 4: Joints of the Grand Canal (The stretch in ZhejiangProvince)
嘉兴,我的思想之城 Jiaxing, the City of My Thought
南湖菱 Water Chestnuts of the South Lake
湘家荡抒怀 Pour out My Heart on the Xiang's Lake
我人生里的西塘 Xitang Town in My Life
听嘉善田歌 Listen to the Field Song of Jiashan County
南浔:荻港渔庄 The Digang Fishing Village in Nanxun Town
惜别乌镇,有点儿感伤 ABit SadandReluctant inPartingwith Wuzhen Town
濮院丝厂 The Puyuan Silk Pactory
第五章 运河南端风情
Chapter 5: Feelings at the Southern End of the Grand Canal
广济桥 The Guangji Bridge
拱宸桥 The Gongchen Bridge
富义仓 Fuyicang: The Granary of Richness and Justice
桥西直街 The Qiaoxi Straight Street
中国京杭大运河博物馆 The Jing-Hang Grand Canal Museum of China
中国刀剪剑博物馆 Chinese Museum of Knives, Scissors and Swords
中国伞博物馆 Chinese Umbrella Museum
大兜路历史文化街区 Historical and Cultural Block on the Dadou Road
小河直街 Xiaohezhijie: The Brooklet Straight Street
再写小河直街 Again Depicting The Brooklet Straight Street
香积寺 The Xiangji Temple
夜泊北新关 Berthing at the North New Pass Overnight
通益公纱厂旧址 The Old Site of Tongyi Cotton Mill
上塘河古纤道 The Ancient Track Road of the Upper Dike River
杭州塘河片区,环河绿化道 The Greening Road along the Dyke Canalof Hangzhou
水田畈遗址 Relics of the Paddy Field
江墅铁路遗址公园 Historic Site Park of Jiangshu Railway
荣华戏院 Ronghua Xiyuan-The Splendor Theatre
高家花园 The Gao's Garden
卖鱼桥 Maiyuqiao: The Bridge of Selling Fishes
陈从周故居遗址 Historic Site of Chen Congzhou's Former House
胜利河美食街 Shenglihe Meishjie: Delicious Food Streetalong the Victory River
京杭大运河终端感怀 Feeling at the End of the Grand Canal
第六章 当代的船笛
Chapter 6: The Contemporary Ship Sirens
苏州,斜塘老街听评弹 Appreciating Gusu Opera in the Old Street ofXietang in Suzhou
为什么中国常熟? Why Is China always Ripe?
纺织品博览会在盛泽举办 Textile Expos Held in Shengze
濮院羊毛衫市场 The Puyuan Sweater Market
嘉兴的陶笛,泥土的爱情 Ocarina of Jiaxing. Love of Earth
“神润斋”花艺,万紫千红 Floriculture of "Shenrun Studio" with Innumerable Flowers of Purple and Red
湖笔文化节 Huzhou Writing Brush Culture Festival
天竺筷 The Tianzhu Chopsticks
相遇望宸阁 Encountering Wangchen Pavilion
观舞剧《遇见大运河》 Watch the Dance Drama Meeting the Grand Canal
The Grand Canal Poetry Collection: I Carry the Grand Canal and Sing