The Governing Principles of the Communist Party of China

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Since its birth in 1921, the CPC has won significant achievements in leading China's revolution, construction and reform while making unremitting efforts and painstaking exploration,eventually succeeding in bringing about a new outlook to a country that already has a 5,000-year history of civilization and opening up ever bright prospects for the great revitalization of the Chinese nation.
In this book, the contributors reviewed in depth the CPC's governance practice and experience from different perspectives, including reform and opening up, scientific development, national economy,development of democracy, cultural development, social life and people's well-being, national defense, national reunification, peaceful development,foreign relations and building of the CPC.
Table of Contents
LiZhongjie Wisdom Crystallized in the History of the CPC
ii Junru Ruling Practice and Experience of the Communist Party ofChina at Different Stages
Yu Keping Changes in Political Ideology and Development of Incremental Democracy in Reforming China
Liu Jinnhui Why Is It the CPC That Governs the Country?
Hu Angang The Key Role of China's Political System in Its Success
Wang Weiguang Adhering to the China Road in Reform and Opening Up
Zhang Baijia Scientific Development: Build a Moderately Prosperous Society
Zheng Xinh Reform and Opening up: a Great Reawakening of the CPC
Zhenq Yonqnian An Open CPC and China's Political Mode|
Huang 3in Rule of Law: Fundamental Principle of Governance ofthe Communist Party of China
Yang Fengcheng From "Toward Socialist Civilization" to "Building aCountry with a Strong Socialist Culture"
Yan Shuhan The Course of Social Development
Wang Fa'an The CPC's Militacy Wisdom
Qi Pengfei Three Transformations of CPC's National UnificationStrategy
Wu Jianmin China's Peaceful Rise Led by the Communist Party ofChina
Ma Zhengang China's Diplomacy: All-round Development of a Three-dimensional Framework
Zhanq Ronqchen "What Kind ofa Partyto Build and Howto Build It"
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The Governing Principles of the Communist Party of China