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The Commercial Press Learner's Dictionary of Chinese Idioms
ISBN: 9787100057578,7100057574 | Published on 06/2010

Selected Works of Modern Chinese Learning: Village and Town Life in China
ISBN: 7100117151, 9787100117159 | Published on 12/2015 | Series: Selected Works of Modern Chinese Learning

The Chinese System of Public Education
ISBN: 710010002X, 9787100100021 | Published on 06/2014 | Series: Selected Works of Modern Chinese Learning

An English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Proverbs, Mottoes and Epigrams
ISBN: 9787517603801 | Published on 06/2017
朱和中、佘卫红编著的《英汉汉英谚语格言警句辞典(精)》收录经典谚语、格言及警句12,000条,涉及英汉两种语言,字字珠玑,寓意隽永;启迪心智,耐人寻味。 对英语中的古词、诗歌用词及方言词语,均加以注释;对谚语、格言或警句的典故、寓意和使用场合,酌情加注。...

Selected Works of Modern Chinese Learning: Law And Society in Traditional China
ISBN: 7100084865,9787100084864 | Published on 12/2011 | Series: Selected Works of Modern Chinese Learning | Reviews:
One hundred years ago, Zhang Zhidong tried to advocate Chinese learning by saying. 'The course of a nation, be it bright or gloomy, the pool of...

Chinese in 10 Days: 4 Advanced Level Chinese Character Exercise Book
ISBN: 9787100082662, 7100082668 | Published on 07/2011 | Series: Chinese in 10 Days

World Young Learners' Chinese 5
ISBN: 9787100058681 | Published on 04/2009
  充分发掘汉字和汉语的特点,让学生在各种活动中体验汉语的规律和美。   课文内容丰富,形式多样,语境贴近生活,致力于建立课堂教学与自然习得相结合的教学体系。   画中有文,文中有画,穿插原创的儿歌、谜语令汉语学习充满趣味和快乐。

325 Cases of Chinese Classroom Teaching Techniques
ISBN: 9787100064958 | Published on 02/2001
This is a teaching reference book for Chinese language teachers.In the last decade, all countries' needs of learning Chinese is increasing at an...

Deploying Functional Grammar
ISBN: 7100068517, 9787100068512 | Published on 03/2010
This workbook is the culmination of a project initiated in the early 1980s by JimMartin and Clare Painter, who were joined in the endeavour by...
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World Young Learner's Chinese 4
ISBN: 9787100057721 | Published on 11/2008 | Series: World Young Learner's Chinese

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