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Ten Level Chinese (Level 1): Integrated Textbook - Textbook
ISBN: 9787561917404 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 02/2007 | Series: Ten Level Chinese
For Elementary learner  
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Road to Success: Lower Advanced Vol.2 (with CD)
ISBN: 9787561922484 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 12/2008 | Series: Road to Success
Lower Advanced  provides advanced comprehensive Chinese texts. The students step into the advanced stage in their Chinese study after learning...

My Chinese Classroom Elementary 3 (With CD)
ISBN: 7532736148, 9787532736140 | Publisher: Shanghai Translation Publishing House | Published on 01/2005 | Series: My Chinese Classroom | Reviews:
2nd edition available on https://www.purpleculture.net/my-chinese-classroom-2nd-edition-elementary-3-p-28096/ My Chinese Classroom is a set of...
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Experiencing Chinese Intermediate Course 2
ISBN: 9787040384383 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 11/2013 | Series: Experiencing Chinese Intermediate Course

IGCSE 0523 & IBDP Chinese B SL Future Textbook 2
ISBN: 9789620447044 | Publisher: Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) | Published on 12/2021 | Series: Future
《展望》是为学习IGCSE 0523和IBDP Chinese B SL的学生编写的,共有两册,配有录音等电子资源。 Future is a set of coursebooks specially written for students who are learning IGCSE 0523...

Chinese Express 2 - Joy Chinese Intermediate Course - with 1 CD
ISBN: 9787561923436 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 07/2009 | Series: Chinese Express: Joy Chinese | Reviews:
Usage Advice 4 class hours / lesson, altogether 15 lessons Description This is an intermediate Chinese course following the publication of Chinese...

Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication Course II
ISBN: 9787301234525 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 01/2014 | Series: Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication Course
Textbook for non-native Chinese learners prepared by a senior oral teaching, suitable for left and right have mastered 1800 learners vocabulary....

Follow Me Through BHL: Reading Exercise Book (2018 Edition)
ISBN: 7513815437, 9787513815437 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 06/2018
This workbook aims to help students master the new vocabulary in the sample texts from Follow Me Through BHL (2018). In doing the exercises herein...

Chinese Made Easier (Second Edition) 2 (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787561337721 | Publisher: Shaanxi Normal University Press | Published on 05/2007 | Series: Chinese Made Easier | Reviews:
What makes this book different from most other Chinese textbooks published in China? The content of each lesson is intensely practical. We have...
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Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition) - Exercise Book 2
ISBN: 9787513807326 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 09/2014 | Series: Contemporary Chinese (Revised Edition)
1. This edition retains many features from the first edition, including: a concise structure with practical language; a focus on conversation,...

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New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition) Vol 1 - Textbook (with audio)
New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edi...
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In this section, you will find a variety of comprehensive Chinese textbooks, which aims to provide systematic guide for primary, secondary, university and self-studying learners.