Textbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  • Author: Wang Xinhua;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 25.4 x 18.2 x 1.8 cm
  • Page: 390
  • Publication Date: 06/2016
  • ISBN: 7030477103,9787030477101
  • Publisher: Science Press
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ General Introduction
Chapter Ⅱ Philosophical Basis of TCM
Chapter Ⅲ Visceral Manifestation (Zangxiang)
Chapter Ⅳ Essence, Qi, Blood and Body Fluids
Chapter Ⅴ Theory of Constitution
Chapter Ⅵ Etiology and Pathogenesis
Chapter Ⅶ Diagnostic Methods
Chapter Ⅷ Syndrome Differentiation
Chapter Ⅸ Preventive and Therapeutic Principles and Methods
Chapter Ⅹ Chinese Medicinal
Chapter Ⅺ Formulas
Chapter Ⅻ Basic Knowledge of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Chapter ⅩⅢ Common Diseases
Appendix Ⅰ Chinese Medicinal
Appendix Ⅱ Formulas
Appendix Ⅲ Ancient Books
Sample Pages Preview
Another connotation of heart governing blood is that the heart can produce blood.This is accomplished when food and water are changed into food essence by the receiving and digestion of spleen and stomach and then the food essence is changed to nutrient qi and body fluid, all of which enter the vessels,and are changed to the red blood by the function of heart yang.Thus, heart has the function of governing the circulation and generation of blood of the whole body.
Governing Vessels It means the heart qi can promote and regulate the beating of heart and the relaxation and contraction of the vessels, which is helpful for the smooth flow of vessels and blood circulation.The heart is directly connected with the vessels, and the vessels are the channel for blood circulation.If the heartbeat is regular, the contraction and relaxation of the vessels are regular, the blood can be transported to all the organs and orifices to nourish the body and maintain the normal vital activities of human beings.
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Textbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine