Studies in Prosodic Grammar Volume 3 (No.2 2018)

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Studies in Prosodic Grammar collects the latest findings on the relations between prosody and grammar in Chinese. Based on prosody, this series explores and studies the interaction between prosody and grammar from various perspectives, so as to further explore the internal rules of prosodic grammar and reveal the close relationship between them.
The third volume of Studies in Prosodic Grammar (or the second issue in 2018) includes 7 articles, mainly discussing three aspects: first, the tone and foot; second, the prosodic lexis, including the Chinese interrogative words and prosodic studies, the nominal change in dialects; and the third aspect, the induction and summarization of prosodic grammar.

About the Author
Feng Shengli got his Master’s degree in Classic Chinese from Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University in 1982 and got his PhD degree in Linguistics from University of Pennsylvania in 1995. He was successively an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Kansas in 1994--2003, a Professor of the Department of East Asian Language and Civilization and a Director of Chinese Department at Harvard University in 2003--2010. He has been a Changjiang Scholar of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) since 2005, and a Distinguished Professor and PhD Supervisor of BLCU since 2007. Prof. Feng now serves as a Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Subeditor of “Language and Linguistics”. He is interested in prosodic grammar, stylistic grammar, exegetics, historical syntax and prosodic stylistics. Prof. Feng wrote Prosodic Syntax in Chinese, On Prosodic Poetry Style in Chinese, Expressions of Written Chinese and other monographs, and also published over 100 papers.

Studies in Prosodic Grammar Volume 3 (No.2 2018)