Studies in Prosodic Grammar Vol.2 2017.2

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Studies in Prosodic Grammar takes a prosodic perspective, uses the related theories from various aspects to discuss prosodic issues in language, especially in Chinese, so as to enhance people's cognition of the interplay between prosody and grammar.
This journal includes 7 articles, which discuss issues from three aspects. It first discusses prosodic syntax, such as the prosodically constrained resumptive pronouns in passives, dissyllabic bare verbs in Ba Constructions and Stress-XP; then it explores such prosodic morphological issues as syntax-semantics interface and prosodic morphology of Chinese trisyllabic reduplication, and adjective reduplication in Ningbo Chinese; it thirdly discusses the prosodic phonology, including the the “medial” (onglides) in Chinese, etc. The articles collected include:
Argument Structure, Lexical Decomposition, and Light Verb Syntax by Huang, C.-T. James;
A Critical Review of Recent Approaches to Onset Weight—With Special Reference to the “Medial” (Onglides) in Chinese by Hsieh, Feng-fan;
Prosodically Constrained Resumptive Pronouns in Long Passives by Tong Manshan;
On Syntax-Semantics Interface and Prosodic Morphology of Chinese Trisyllabic Reduplication by Huang Xinjunrong;
A Prosodic Analysis of Adjective Reduplication in Ningbo Chinese by Ge Haoyan;
A Review of The Prosodic Morphology in Chinese by Zhuang Huibin;
Dissyllabic Bare Verbs in Ba Constructions and Stress-XP by Ma Baopeng.

About the Author
Feng Shengli, Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Changjiang Scholar of Beijing Language and Culture University, was admitted to Beijing Normal University in 1977. At first, he studied Ancient History in History Department. Two years later, he pursued graduate studies in Chinese Department under the supervision of Lu Zongda, and became a teacher after graduation. Soon he studied Western Linguistics under the supervision of Professor Labov at University of Pennsylvania and got his PhD degree in Linguistics. He was a Tenured Professor of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Kansas, a Professor of the Department of East Asian Language and Civilization and a Director of Chinese Department at Harvard University. He worked as a Director of Harvard Beijing Academy, and a Changiang Scholar of Beijing Language and Culture University. Prof. Feng has also served as a Director of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics, Subeditor of “Journal of Chinese Linguistics”, and an appraisal officer of NSF program. He is now an Editorial Board Member of nearly ten journals on linguistics and language teaching, and a reviewer of linguistic periodical offices and publishing houses both in China and abroad.

Studies in Prosodic Grammar Vol.2 2017.2