Smart Cat - Graded Chinese Readers (Level 3): Jiajia's home

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Level: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate

Primary School, Middle School

Due to the war, Yingzi's family left their hometown in the north and moved to Chongqing. One day, she saw a homeless puppy on the mountain. Yingzi brought it back to her house and called it Jiajia. When the war had finished, Yingzi's family were about to return to the north, but they could not take Jiajia with them. What should Yingzi do?

"Smart Cat" has the following six features: Feature one: original stories, readable. Feature two: audio stories, diverse versions. Feature three: outline closely, high coverage. Feature four: scientific choreography, high repetition rate. Feature five: rich resources both online and offline. Feature six: reading guidance, high practicability.
Smart Cat - Graded Chinese Readers (Level 3): Jiajia's home