Smart Cat - Graded Chinese Readers (Level 3): So wonderful

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Level: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate

Primary School, Middle School

On Saturday morning, Ally changed into her beautiful new skirt and planned to go out to buy a cake. Today is her grandfather's 80th birthday. Ally bought a cake in the cake shop, sent something out in the post office, and she went to the fruit shop to buy some fruit, but she suddenly realised that she had left her cake in the post office ...

Smart Cat" has the following sixfeatures: Feature one: original stories, readable. Feature two: audio stories, diverseversions. Feature three: outline closely, highcoverage. Feature four: scientific choreography, high repetitionrate. Feature five: rich resources both onlineand offline. Feature six:reading guidance, high practicability.
Smart Cat - Graded Chinese Readers (Level 3): So wonderful