New Concept Chinese Textbooks (I) & (II) - For German

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  • Author: Liu Delian;
  • Language: Chinese & German
  • Format: 2 Books
  • Page: 192(textbook 1);189(Textbook 2)
  • Publication Date: 02/2005
  • ISBN: 7301075359(Textbook1);7301075367(Textbook2)
  • Publisher: Peking University Press
New Concept Chinese focuses teaching Chinese in a creative, practical, and interesting manner! There are many pictures in this book to faciliate understanding. Grammar and usage are presented in a situational context. The book uses natural, commonly used language, real life situations, and useful communication topics that are relevant to the student's life. There are 129 grammar points naturally incorporated into the text, rather than offered as grammatical formula. All texts are presented with an German translation. After each text, there are pattern drills for important or commonly used grammar. Exercises include listening, speaking, reading, writing, and games to help students use what they learned from the text.
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by Peter Schneider on 2010-08-17 22:57:04
Zwei ausgesprochen nette Lehrbücher, die unkonventionelle Kapitel haben. Empfehlenswert zur Wiederholung chinesischer Sprachkenntnisse.Gut w?re es, wenn es demn?chst(?) begleitende CDs g?be.
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New Concept Chinese Textbooks (I) & (II) - For German