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Sinolingua Reading Tree Level 4 - Vol 3 Role-Playing is Fun
ISBN: 9787513812979 | Published on 04/2017 | Series: Sinolingua Reading Tree

Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader: Starter: 150 Vocabulary Words: The Long Haired Girl
ISBN: 9787513812870 | Published on 01/2017 | Series: Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader | Reviews:
The long haired girl is beautiful, with long, black hair, but one day, each and every strand of her hair turned white …. .

Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader: Starter: 150 Vocabulary Words: Xiao He: A Blessing and a Curse
ISBN: 9787513814799 | Published on 08/2018 | Series: Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader | Reviews:
Han Xin is an outstanding military strategist in ancient China. His talents are finally recognized by Liu Bang, the King of Han who entrusts Han Xin...

MP3 for Rapid Literacy in Chinese
ISBN: 9787800526954 | Published on 01/2010 | Series: New Approaches to Learning Chinese | Reviews:
MP3 for book Rapid Literacy in Chinese (with MP3)

Graded Chinese Reader 1500 Words: Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (with MP3)
ISBN: 7513805555, 9787513805551 | Published on 01/2013 | Series: Graded Chinese Reader | Reviews:
1.Abridged versions of mini-stories and novellas written by contemporary Chinese writers, reflecting the everyday lives of ordinary Chinese people;...

I Can Read by Myself: IB PYP Inquiry Graded Readers (Level 1) - Red and Yellow
ISBN: 9787513821469 | Published on 09/2021 | Series: I Can Read by Myself
I Can Read by Myself: IBPYP Inquiry Graded Readers is designed for students who are learning Chinese as a foreign language in IBPYP schools. The...

Sinolingua Reading Tree Level 3 - I'm a Martian
ISBN: 9787513811477 | Published on 08/2016 | Series: Sinolingua Reading Tree
The Sinolingua Reading Tree series is a compilation of graded storybooks and is tailored for kindergarten aged children, primary and secondary school...

Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader: Starter: 150 Vocabulary Words: Bao Zheng and the Case of the Ox's Tongue (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787513811019 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader | Reviews:
A villager named Li Er found his cow’s tongue was mysteriously cut. He then reported his case to Bao Zheng. The judge used a clever way to find out...

Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader: Starter: 150 Vocabulary Words: The Legend of Lantern Festival (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787513810630 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader | Reviews:
Do you know that there is a traditional festival in China called the Lantern Festival? Do you have any idea about its origin? Let me tell you a...

Glimpses of Contemporary China (revised edition): Delights of Chinese Cuisine
ISBN: 9787513816335 | Published on 06/2019 | Series: Glimpses of Contemporary China (revised edition)

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Specialties: Culture, Children & Teenagers books, Technology, Education, Reference Book 
Sinolingua Co., Ltd., a member of China International Publishing Group (CIPG), was founded in 1986. It is the first publisher in China to specialise in Chinese language teaching and learning materials for foreigners, and remains a prestigious brand in this field. 
Sinolingua specializes in producing books, audio-video products and multimedia software for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. Materials, produced in 43 languages, include textbooks and teaching supplements, HSK preparation books, reference books, and reading materials related to Chinese culture.
Over nearly three decades, Sinolingua has produced a wide range of influential publications on teaching Chinese as a foreign language. For example, the Interactive Chinese series, published in 11 languages, is the first of its kind in China and has sold over 60,000 sets. Contemporary Chinese for Beginners, published in 2011 in 43 languages, is one of the most authoritative and influential Chinese teaching materials for adult learners in the world. Official Examination Papers of HSK (Level 1– level 6), produced with the official approval of Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, is the first ever publication of previous authentic examination papers of the new HSK test. Currently, Sinolingua has more than 400 Chinese teaching-and-learning books and audio-video products on sale, and publishes over 200 new titles a year. Sinolingua has established extensive business relations with publishers and distributors worldwide. 
Sinolingua is dedicated to satisfying the needs of Chinese language learners worldwide and all kinds of publishing cooperation are actively promoted.