Sing Along Learn Mandarin (Ages 5-6) (2 vols)

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Sing Along: Learn Mandarin is a set of international Mandarin Chinese teaching materials designed to promote Chinese education through the use of classic children’s songs.This set of teaching materials consists of nine volumes. Audio recordings (in an mp3 format) are included with each stage. Price is for a set of two books and one MP3.

These volumes are divided into four stages according to learners' language abilities:

Toddler Stage (suggested ages: 2-3 ): 

The teaching materials for this stage include 24 children’s songs, in addition to 24 key vocabulary items and corresponding sample sentences. 

Beginner Stage (suggested ages: 3-4):

Intermediate Stage (suggested ages: 4-5): 

Advanced Stage (suggested ages: 5-6): The teaching materials for this stage include 54 children’s songs in addition to over 200 vocabulary words and corresponding sample sentences. 

This set of teaching materials can help young Mandarin learners study Chinese through various interactive methods, including accompanied singing, rhythm, drawing and games. Not only is it suitable for children’s education in international Mandarin classrooms; it is also appropriate for young readers who wish to learn on their own with the assistance of their parents. It must be mentioned that the age guidelines for these four stages are provided only as a suggestion. Instructors should choose the stage appropriate for each child’s level of Chinese. Please click here for table of content, and here for more sample images.

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Sing Along Learn Mandarin (Ages 5-6) (2 vols)