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Particles Kinetic Characteristic of a Horizontal Self-Excited Pneumatic Conveying System
ISBN: 7313153287, 9787313153289 | Published on 09/2016

Sauntering Through Colorful Shanghai
ISBN: 9787313057938
A trip to Shanghai is a memorable journey into everything that is exotic, mysterious and thrilling about China.Welcome to Shanghai, where the...

Step into Shanghai: A Comprehensive Practical Guide for International Students
ISBN: 9787313098788 | Published on 06/2013

Study a bit of Shanghai dialect
ISBN: 9787313012101 | Published on 12/1996
Shanghai Dialect is a very well compiled dialectal textbook. Comparing the differences and common characters of standard Chinese with those of...
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Survival Chinese (2nd Edition) Vol 1
ISBN: 9787313143860 | Published on 07/2017 | Series: Survival Chinese (2nd Edition) | Reviews:
This is a three-dimensional Chinese tutorial specially designed for zero-based adult expats in China. According to the requirements of General...

Syntax and Semantics of Chinese Wh-Phrases
ISBN: 9787313122919 | Published on 01/2015

System Engineering for Aviation
ISBN: 9787313284525 | Published on 06/2023

Technology News Chinese to English Translation
ISBN: 9787313249821 | Published on 12/2021

Tertiary Education at a Glance: China 2010
ISBN: 9787313067739,7313067739 | Published on 10/2010
This publication aims to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of highereducation in China. It aims to constitute a valuable resource for...

The Classic on Tea
ISBN: 9787313294821 | Published on 11/2023

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