Selection of Chinese Science Fiction Novels: The New Noah's Ark

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A mug of steaming hot fresh goat's milk brought me by my mother, and looking through the window at the marble statue of Sindbad the Sailor in the Central Square, all sorts of feelings well up in my mind. Like him, I have left home seven times to make voyages of adventure, and it is true that I have learned a lot of the local conditions and customs of some other planets. But what benefits have my space flights brought me? Only the full realization that this old earth under my feet is the best place to be - there are no ideal paradises in space. If l have gained anything from those adventures of my youth, it is a series of unforgettable lessons. Oh omnipotent Allah, I beg you to have pity on us and save our world from suffering the same miserable fates as those planets in outerspace. 
Dear readers, taking this as the starting point, you should bear in mind that what I am going to tell you is not just a series of marvellous tales. I remember an Arabian sage once said, There may be a serious heart in the most fantastic fairy tales". When you have finished reading these memoirs of mine, you will appreciate the irrefutable truth of those golden words.
Selection of Chinese Science Fiction Novels: The New Noah's Ark