Selection of Chinese Science Fiction Novels: Moonlight Island

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It was the fishing boat! Mei Sheng shouted back in a hoarse voice, and then dashed outside. He clearly recognized it was the voice of Sea Wolf, the nickname of an old fisherman to whom he had given his shopping list. 
As he ran towards the boat, he met Sea Wolf, who was carrying a square cardboard box securely tied with a string. 
"Here you are," said Sea Wolf, giving him the box. "These things weren't easy to get. I went to several chemists without any success, but then at last I asked my cousin to use his influence to help me, and he managed to find everything you want through the chemical warehouse where he works." 
Mei Sheng, clutching the cardboard box, thanked SeaWolf profusely. 
"Don't thank me!" Sea Wolf growled, glaring amiably at Mei Sheng. "1 shall be offended if you treat me like a stranger!" 
Mei Sheng was a little embarrassed, but smiled and continued: "Uncle Sea Wolf, would you like to come into the house? I've kept more than half a bottle of wine of slender acanthopanax bark. And you can tell me what has been going on recently in the world outside..."
Selection of Chinese Science Fiction Novels: Moonlight Island