Selected Works of Ba Jin 4

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Author: Ba Jin;
Format: 18.4 x 11.6 x 3 cm
Publication Date: 04/2015
ISBN: 9787119093017

A well-known writer in modern China. Ba Jin, born in 1904, began his writing career in 1927. His novels and prose have been collected in fourteen volumes, which fully demonstrate his achievement as a prolific writer, He has also translated many foreign literary works.
This volume contains 43 articles on literary creation and other subjects by Ba Jin.
Most of the works describe the experience,thoughts and creative approach of the author. The author addresses his readers in a casual, almost chatty, manner, allowing his various emotions and feelings full rein.
These works, written in simple, graceful and fluent language, are full of lyricism and artistic charm.

Table of Contents

Earliest Memories
My Family Environment
My Childhood
Some of My Teachers
Erkel's Lamplight
Outside a Desolate Garden
The Lamps
An Autumn Night
An Autumn Moming
On My Prose
On My Short Stories
Memories of Gejiu
Photos Brought Back From Kamakura
In Memory of Xiao Shan
Giving My Heart to My Readers
Portrait Painted Three Times
Children, Adults and Leading Officials
Chinese People
Observing People
The Big Mirror
Baodi the Little Dog
Spring Silkworms
A Discussion About Dreams
Literature and Me
My Readers and Me
Museum of Modern Literature
A Ten-Year Dream
In Memory of Mr. Lu Xun
Little Duanduan
West Lake
Lines of Thinking
“Gossip Is A Frightening Thing”
A Desire to Tum into Dust
My Elder Brother Li Yaolin
My “Warehouse”
My Name
My Diary
My Nightmares
My Old Home
More Reminiscences of Xiao Shan

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Selected Works of Ba Jin 4